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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Guess What?

My english deteriorate like mad..
Actually i didn't know how to
spell the word deteriorate..
I went and google-ed it..
i'm such a failure..
I shall try to improve on my english..
I'm not too lazy to do so..

I just realised that i like to put paper
or stuff like that in my back left pocket..
And i will always forget about it..
The receipt from Neway since last few weeks
is still in my jeans i think..
Shall go back and check..
This morning my mom asked me
why did i bring clothes to change,
where am i going..
I should've answered her "clubbing"
Wonder what her reaction would be..

Everytime i pass by a saloon,
i am so tempted to go in and cut my hair..
I wanna let it grow longer first..
Till somewhere below the shoulder..
And after i cut it..
It will be something like this..

But this one i feel not so nice..
Nike has nicer hair..

Nice right?
Nice right??
Nike is so adorable..
But i don think i will cut my side til so short..
Maybe a little longer..

Can see the highlight?
My parents kinda disallow me to highlight my hair..

I like this picture..
So cute..
I bought another type of wax last night..
And also hair spray from Brylcreem..
But i find it..
Not so good..
Maybe coz my fringe too long..
No worries dude..
I cut my fringe last night..
Damn expert..
Not the first time i cut my own hair..
Seriously wana change hairstyle d..

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