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Friday, 2 October 2009


Somebody save me..
The line has been lagging like hell..
Even Facebook can't be opened..

you know what?
I realised the name "Jaslyn Khew"
has appeared many times in my blog..
You should be proud man..

Let's start a contest..
In a weeks time the person who can get
the correct amount of the times
her name appeared on my blog
gets free lunch on me..

I have weird friends..
One asked me to go play lantern..
Another one asked me to buy lantern for her..
If it's those normal ones ok la..
Coz easy to find..
She wants Winnie The Pooh or Piglet..
Anyone know where to get this?
One more has became silai..
Kena jaga baby, wash clothes,
she also plays mahjong and watches drama..

And me sitting in front of the comp,
thinking of what to eat for lunch..
I'm sick of eating the same food everyday..
My friend suggested me to eat porrigde..

David Archuleta has nice voice and a cute face..
His eyes are gorgeous and i love his songs..

Hannah Montana The Movie is hilarious..
I've watched it twice..
I like Hannah Montana..
But i kinda hate Miley Cyrus..
I know it's kinda weird right..
Since they're the same person..
Can't believe there's people who didn't know that..

After such a loooooong time,
finally MyFm played Wan Chean's song..
But i was on the phone at that time..

Some customers are so damn stupid
Some are damn annoying..
Some are damn rude..
Feel like shouting at them..
But still need to keep cool..
Coz without customers,
my boss no income..
My boss no income,
i wont get paid..

I'm just being random..
And i spelt it as ramdon..
Me and my colleague talking crap..
Coz we're too damn bored..

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