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Thursday, 29 October 2009


this is my 301st post..

Last nite,
went to yamcha..
With Mandy, may yan & Jackie..
last minute call me out..
And she does what she does best..
Changed the location over and over again..
With may yan & jackie around,
things will never get bored..
Really miss those times..
We used to stand outside the class
and talk at the coridor..
So much has changed..
even thou we still keep in touch
but not so fun like last time..

I feel this week dam sueh..
All those fkin customers really pissing me off..
You think you're our only customer?
Only you have to work and others don't?
Fk you la..
and this fella share name as one of my fren..
and even sounds like her..
Luckily they stay at different area..
If that person is someone i know,
i would really................

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