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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Mango Loh

Yesterday my friend msn-ed me..
"Sam! I nit help!"
Then she continued..
"I need tuna in RC"
Damn zadao..

Yesterday was supposed to go murni..
But in the end May Yan asked to change location..
Let's see who went..
May Yan, Jacky, Yoke Cheng and her bf (Hong),
Mandy, Karmen, Voon Hong, Jaslyn & Me..
Those who reached early went to Wong Kok and waited..
After about half an hour all reached..
Then went to this place near
Taman Sea primary sch..
It's like all those china restaurant that
people normally go with their family..
You know those order a few type of dish + rice..
My first time to going to this kind of place with friends..
After finish eating went to Ss2 KTZ..
Ate mango loh..
In the end changed location again..
To McD..
Then continue talking and stuff..
When we group together all we do is
talk, laugh, eat, talk and laugh..
And of course we update one another with our lives..
I miss school..
The times where we can
meet everyday..
talk everyday..
laugh together everyday..
eat together everyday..
If given a choice i would still go back if
the same people will still be there..
Yesterday at Jaslyn's place i asked her
if i should wax my hair..
She said "wax la"..
After i waxed she came back to the room,
her reaction?
She started laughing and tell me i look funny..

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