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Saturday, 31 October 2009

My toe is hurting again..
And before gettin my pay,
i've already calculated that i will be
broke for November..
There goes my hope for shopping..
Since Malaysia is such a hot country,
i shall start buying more short pants..
Cny is in 105more days..
Hope i get big bonus..
Then can start shopping..
I will use at least half of it for clothes & shoes..
and restyling my hair..

i haven't cut my hair for almost 3 months..
It's freaking long now..
and it's killing me..
I'm not gonna grow long hair anymore..
Long hair damn mafan..
Wasting of money coz need to buy
shampoo & conditioner..
Waste water when washing..
Waste electricity coz need to use hair dryer..

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