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Monday, 12 October 2009

Stephen Patrick David Gately (17 March 1976 – 10 October 2009)

My fave in Boyzone..
Such a waste he passed away at
a young age..
He's only 33 man..

Last sat my cousin bro came over for prayers..
Then his gf came over after finishing her class..
Eat and chat..
Then went for dinner/yamcha at about 8+..
Sit at the mamak til about 11sumtin..
Decided to make tea..
So went back to his house
which is at Sg.Buloh to get the tea leaf & stuff..
Reached there at 12+..
Hang around for awhile..
Then went over to my house..
Heated the spaghetti that Leon made..
Then he made tea..
5of us played Monopoly - Transformers version..
drink, eat, talk, play, laugh..
Fun fun fun..
Then few of us was hungry..
Decided to go out to eat..
It was already around 5am i think..
Went to Sec14 Mcd..
Then my cousin-sis-in-law (lol) was getting sleepy..
Leon fetched us back then he went home..
When i reached home it was 5.45am..
Did some stuff get changed..
Went to bed thinking i can sleep in..
I wake at 9+ sleep back then wake at 11..
Cant sleep d..
It was fun..
I like staying up late when i'm with
my relatives..

I watched Dance Flick last night..
It was a lil funny but mostly sucked..
Paul Blart was nicer + funnier..

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