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Friday, 27 November 2009

Ninja Assassin

Went for Ninja Assassin last night..
With Leon, my future-cousin-sister-in-law (LOL)
and my siblings..
He came over at about 8++
asked if wana go for movies..
Went to 1u, L dropped us to get the tix first..
My bro and L went back to his place to get changed..
GSC's was 11.30
so went over to TGV (i hate tgv)..
movie starts at 11, got the tix,
had dinner at McD..

The movie wasn't too bad..
Rain isn't that cute..
But his body damn chun..
Esp the part near the ending
when he was tied against the pole..
I still don't find attractive.. XD
Too much blood..
The blood was kinda fake..
everything moves damn fast..
The fighting scenes are chunted..

Read the sypnosis yourself..
I'm too lazy..

Having sore-throat + dizzy..
sore-throat makes me feel like vomitting..

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Thursday, 26 November 2009


i'm having cravings for potato porridge..
like a pregnant lady craving for this and that..
and i killed my toe last night..
was lying on the chair then,
wanted to go in the room..
stubbed my toe on the edge of the table..
pain like f***..
blood was streaming out..
and it still hurts until this moment..

oh guess what..
my mom cooked + brought me porridge..
so nice..

weird fact #2 : i love to eat porridge with bread..

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Meaning of Overrated..

Robert Pattinson/ Edward Cullen

i hate this guy..
seriously hate him..
don't know what so cute about him that
makes all the girls go weak in the knees for him..
i will roll my eyes everytime i hear his name..
he looks like a drug addict..
or a drunk guy who hasn't eaten,
shower, slept for 3months..
he don't even have $$ to hire a proper hairstylist..

Tuesday, 24 November 2009


was so damn bored in the office yesterday..
My boss's daughter was using my comp..

and my toe is starting to hurt again..
hurting like mad..
i was supposed to go back 2weeks
after my first visit..
but i didn't do so..
so erm yea..
need to go back..
so damn afraid that the doc might
have to pluck out my nail..

weird fact #1 : i love mermaids

Friday, 20 November 2009

See this..
--> Google Chrome Themes

See this also
--> WarioLand

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Gatsby <3

He's cute..
Looks like Kyo, a Malaysian actor..
The hairstyle kinda look like
Jaslyn's fren from Cg (4gt de name)












Tuesday, 17 November 2009

siao liao..

Yesterday i vomitted 3 times..
No thanks to the milk tea..
And i had a dream..
i dreamt that i was drowning..
drowning in milk tea..
yea right..
actually i dreamt of S.H.E.
how i wish that dream can come true..
So nice..
But my mom woke me up..
So sad..
Steam kepotongan.

if only everynight i can dream
the same dream everynight..

Monday, 16 November 2009

Random #9867134134

Same person wei..
wtf wei..

i hate milk tea..
if ever anyone ask me to drink
milk tea again..
i will pour it on them..
Today one guy bought milk tea 4 me..
after drinking..
i stomach pain,
wana lao sai,
and vomitted..
til now oso stil dizzy..

Today no electricity for more than 1hour..
It was so dark..
lucky i have Doreamon with me..
and i just found out there is such
thing as almond milk..
first time hearing this wei..

and i reli like to use "la" "wei" "lo"
in my sentences..
like typical chinese..

Saturday, 14 November 2009


Damn yeng+damn cute..


soooo cute..

-Prince Charming-
Eh so damn cute rite..
All Some of my friends are going crazy
for this fella right now..

A - That's my bf..
B - No, it's mine..
C - No la.. You all don't quarrel.. my bf..
A - Shaddap.. my bf..
C - pls la perasan.. Mine..
B - no no no.. mine..
D - haiyo why you all fighting ove my bf?
Then continue quarreling..
This fella is only 21 le..
Damn young..

Tml i will be @ Shah Alam Sec21
for the stupid speech..
Need to reach office before 830am..
Imagine sitting in a car for 1/2
with your colleague + boss..
Sure damn awkward lo..
If with friends 12hours oso stil ok..
I think i will only reach home at
around 2-2.30pm
Half day wasted just like that..
Have to sleep early tonight
and wake up early tomorrow..
Damn sien ah..
Can't watch Spongebob..
So damn sad..
Can't even go out..

Oh ya..
Yesterday i had weird dreams..
First i dreamt that my
grandfather came back to life..
There was so many people there..
I used to think that i will never miss him..
Looks like i'm wrong..
We'll will never learn to appreciate
things or people around us til it's gone..
Second i dreamt about someone
from the past..
Then it's about someone from now..
Kinda weird that i will dream
about this 2person..

Thursday, 12 November 2009


Lachata - F(X)

Hot As Hell..
Love Amber's hair..
Damn yeng..
Found a pic on friendster..
I think the hair is something like this..

I wana cut..
But i think tak ngam me..
And i will die..
Cz the fringe abit blocking..
it'll be so damn hot..

the other day i didn't wax my hair..
Then my dad asked my mom,
"she didn't comb her hair today?"
when i wax hair he complain..
when i didn't wax he got so much to say..
Some people are so damn weird..

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Middle Child Syndrome

When a middle child -
typically of a family of three kids who
are close in age feels left out or neglected.

Because the bigger sibling is the first born
and typically an over-achiever,
they are the most important
and get the most privileges.
A younger sibling is the 'baby' of a family
and gets away with more as well
as being the most looked-after.
Middle-child syndrome starts when
the middle child is squeezed between these two
and have trouble finding their 'niche' in the family.

Middle children will sometimes...
-misbehave to get attention
-go with the flow
-work as little as possible
-be less parent-dependent then their siblings
-become the 'loner' of the family,
not participate in family events unless told to.
-play the peacemaker
-be more likely to go to a friend for advice than a parent
-be very creative

In short its where the older child gets all the awards,
the younger gets all the love,
and the middle gets nothing.
(A real-life example of what happened to my younger sis,
who suffers from middle child syndrome)

Oldest: Hey I just turned 16!
Mom: Lets go pick you out a car!
Oldest: Yay!

-1 1/2 yrs later-

Middle: Hey I just turned 16!
Mom: Oh.. er.. well we're still paying for your sib's car,
so you'll have to just borrow from her when you can..
Middle: =.=""

-2 yrs later-

Youngest: Hey! I just turned 16!
Mom: Yay! And I just finished paying for the other car! Lets go get you a car!
Middle: Hey! I should be the next one to get a new car!
Youngest: but its MY birthday
middle: Thats stupid
mom: Be nice to your little sister on her birthday!!
Come on, birthday-girl! Lets go get that car!
Youngest: WOO!

true onot??
-source :

Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Had a really really
stupid and crappy dream last night..
Today my msn upgraded itself..
But i still have to install it..
If i don't msn can't be opened..
So i tried to install the damned thing..
And its freaking slow..
It took about 3-4hours?
Wait till i wana kisiao..
And this sun i have to go for
the stupid Panasonic speech..

Monday, 9 November 2009



Yesterday i was damn happy..
damn tired..
damn sleepy..
now i am stil damn happy..
but my whole body paining like hell..
Yesterday Mandy fetched me at 11am..
Reached at 1130..
Meet wit Karmen at Fish&Co
and ate there of course..
The event was at HighStreet (new wing)..
Fish&Co was just downstairs..
Then went to the event place at about 1230?
Then started waiting..
damn stupid i know..
Wanna go on stage to meet them..
But need either OSIM product
or S.H.E' 3Spa's Of Love/爱的3温暖...
From High Street i walked to old wing Speedy..
To find the book but cant find..
Then at 210 the fans club started selling..
Got one then started waiting in line..
Then Christine came at about 230?
Then Karmen left..
Event supposed to start at 4pm..
But S.H.E came at only 540..
everyone waited till like wanna die..
And when they came..
All screaming like mad..
Was freaking excited..
Everyone was climbing the grill..
Coz too many ppl hard to see..
Yes i am one of those crazy people who did that..
Now my whole body paining like hell..
My back, my hands, my arms..
It was crazy..
And they're daaaaaaammmmnn gorgeous..
When they smile at you,
your heart can melt..
they're so nice..
Too bad cant shake hands..
Coz scared H1n1..
I keep replaying in my head
the part where they smile at me..
Damn pretty..
And damn friendly..
But while waiting in line,
there was this couple..
seriously make me feel like
asking them to go get a room..
And some of the girls there was wearing
clothes like there's not enough cloth..

I waited more than 6hours for this..

I actually bought a book which
I dont know how to read..
I need someone to read it to me..

p/s: sorry & tq to Mandy
for temaning me kisiao for S.H.E..
and u had to wait 7hours with me..

Saturday, 7 November 2009

I Love This Song.. Seriously....

Alhamdulilah - Too Phat feat Yasin

Dian Sastro:
disaat waktu berhenti...kosong
dimensi membutakan mata,memekakkan telinga
lalu diri menjadi hampa
saat paradigma dunia tak lagi digunakan untuk menerka*
sadarku akan hadirmu,mematahkan sendi2 yang biasanya tegak berdiri

ult li albi bissaraha (I'm opening up my heart with honesty)
hayya nab'idil karaha (Let's avoid the hated and hatred)
syakkireena a' kulli ni'ma (Let's remain thankful with what we have)
ba' ideena anil fattana (Let's avoid all lies and sins)

merenungi luar jendela,
mengagumi kebesaran yang Maha Esa
ku menilai kehidupan dari sudut berbeza
tak memadai hanya kecapi rasa selesa
maukan harta yang mampu beli 1 semesta
berpesta ke pagi botol bergelimpangan
kekasih muda bukan takat berpegang tangan
harta dan jamuan nafsu tidak berkekalan
bila menjelang tua bukan itu jadi bekalan
dan jangan puisi ini disalah tafsir pula
bukan berkhutbah cuma betuli diri jua
ingin hidup sempurna aset nilai berjuta,
saling tukar wanita,senyum dan mati tua
bakat dikurnia jangan disalah guna
jangan kufur nikmat yang diberi percuma
guna kelebihan untuk hikmah bersama
jagalah nama hidup penuh pementasan dan drama
ada berisi ada yang kurus,
ada melencong ada yang lurus bukan semuanya tulus
ada sempuna ada kurang upaya ada
yang jadi buta hanya bila sudah kaya
sebesar rumah bermula dengan sekecil bata,
boleh hilang dalam sekelip mata
ucaplah alhamdulillah bukannya sukar,
kerna semua nak kaya atau besar
tetap Allahuakbar!!!

Joe Flizzow:
jadikanlah ku tentera Fisabilillah yang
tertera di kalimah harap memanduilah
entah apabila persimpangan tiba,
hidup penuh rintangan harus kuhadapinya
harapku tidak terlupa diri bila gembira,
dan cuma mula mencari kau disaat hiba
ku cuma manusia penuh dengan kesilapan
tapi bisa membezakan cahaya dan kegelapan
tabah bila dihalangan duri onak dan cobaan
teguh bila dicobakan keruh kuasa dan perempuan
sentiasa legar diminda,dikejar dan
dipinta dari zaman bermula hingga ke akhirnya
ku mengerti siapa ku tanpamu disisi
dan apa guna posesi juga posisi
sementara ini cuma hanya puisi,
nukilan tulisan dan bisikan isi hati
mencari keterangan,
menjiwai peranan menepati pesanan janji juga saranan
alhamdulillah atas kurniaan rezeki,
moga tidak terleka dalam perjalanan ini

Ahli Fiqir:
aku yang memandang di dalam lubuk hati,
mencari-cari zat rahsia yang katanya tersembunyi
aku yang melihat alam meliputi wujud
menyertai lalu ku pindahkan
alam ke dalam mata hati
aku hakiki,aku mengerti segala
yang terjadi di langit dan di bumi
gunanya tiada fantasi, pelik dan benar,
qada' dan qadar kau berilah ku kekuatan
agar dapat ku hindarkan segala kesesatan
usah kau biar nafsuku terliur dari pandangan majazi ini,
aku yang hodoh lagi hina amat benar merindui
moga cahaya lailatul tak membutakan mataku
,semoga segala puji tak ku meninggi diri
moga segala janji dapat juga ku penuhi,
moga dapatku hadapi tikaman dari belakang
lidah setajam pisau,
ku tidak akan risau
dengan dugaan,cabaran sepanjang perjalanan
ku pasrah ku akur 7,8,6 Alhamdulillah Syukur...

Dian Sastro:
sujudku pun takkan memuaskan inginku
'tuk hanturkan*
sembah sedalam kalbu
adapun kusembahkan syukur padamu ya Allah
untuk nama,harta dan
keluarga yang mencinta
dan perjalanan yang sejauh ini tertempa
alhamdulillah pilihan dan kesempatan
yang membuat hamba mengerti
lebih baik tentang makna diri
semua lebih berarti akan mudah dihayati

Friday, 6 November 2009


She's is college now..
18years old..
From malay sch..
I left sch for 2 years and my bm is still better..

The damn connection was down the whole day..
Til about 230 i think..
Had to switch off the damn modem..
me and my colleague was rotting and damn bored..
I was bored until i cleaned my keyboard..
I took out the buttons one by one..
Can u imagine how bored i was??

Sunday is coming..

Thursday, 5 November 2009

.H.E - Yes I Love You

張芸京 - 讓我照顧你

陶喆 - 暗戀

Wednesday, 4 November 2009


They're coming..
And i'm freaking excited..
I don't remember when was the last
time i was so damn excited..
Well maybe it was Jan 03 2009..
Other than that i can't remember..
New Wing..
Must go early..
Loads of comment on FB
Msn saying they wanna go..
I don't have their book..
Can't find it anywhere..
A friend said she bought it from the fans club..
*cries again*
I'm not in the fans club..
And she says can find at Sg.Wang's
Victoria Music Centre..
No time to go..
*cries for the third time*
This sun must go..
I so do not mind not going out
for the rest of the month..
As long as i can go for this one..

Monday, 2 November 2009

Girls Will Be Girls..


Anyone that you know that doesn't do this?
She did this at every single traffic light..

Guess what?
i have to go for a stupid seminar..
On the 15th!!
Sunday le..
I offically hate Panasonic..
Should've let us know earlier..
And it starts at 830am..
Sunday morning is for sleeping..
is for relaxing..
is for going to the pasar..
is for going out with friends..
and most importantly..
It's for watching cartoon..
Now have to go there and suffer for about 5hours..
i don't even know where is the place yet..
I have to go with mrs. boss,
colleague, boss' nephew and his worker..
Ever since school i hate this kind of things d..
Walao eh..
come out to work still have to go for seminars..
Jialat lo..
Gek sei ngo la!!
My colleague has to cancel going back hometown..
even though her mom just came back from Sabah..
I really hate Panasonic now..
Dahlah the service suck..
People who work there have sucky attitude..
And now this...