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Monday, 9 November 2009



Yesterday i was damn happy..
damn tired..
damn sleepy..
now i am stil damn happy..
but my whole body paining like hell..
Yesterday Mandy fetched me at 11am..
Reached at 1130..
Meet wit Karmen at Fish&Co
and ate there of course..
The event was at HighStreet (new wing)..
Fish&Co was just downstairs..
Then went to the event place at about 1230?
Then started waiting..
damn stupid i know..
Wanna go on stage to meet them..
But need either OSIM product
or S.H.E' 3Spa's Of Love/爱的3温暖...
From High Street i walked to old wing Speedy..
To find the book but cant find..
Then at 210 the fans club started selling..
Got one then started waiting in line..
Then Christine came at about 230?
Then Karmen left..
Event supposed to start at 4pm..
But S.H.E came at only 540..
everyone waited till like wanna die..
And when they came..
All screaming like mad..
Was freaking excited..
Everyone was climbing the grill..
Coz too many ppl hard to see..
Yes i am one of those crazy people who did that..
Now my whole body paining like hell..
My back, my hands, my arms..
It was crazy..
And they're daaaaaaammmmnn gorgeous..
When they smile at you,
your heart can melt..
they're so nice..
Too bad cant shake hands..
Coz scared H1n1..
I keep replaying in my head
the part where they smile at me..
Damn pretty..
And damn friendly..
But while waiting in line,
there was this couple..
seriously make me feel like
asking them to go get a room..
And some of the girls there was wearing
clothes like there's not enough cloth..

I waited more than 6hours for this..

I actually bought a book which
I dont know how to read..
I need someone to read it to me..

p/s: sorry & tq to Mandy
for temaning me kisiao for S.H.E..
and u had to wait 7hours with me..

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