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Monday, 2 November 2009

Girls Will Be Girls..


Anyone that you know that doesn't do this?
She did this at every single traffic light..

Guess what?
i have to go for a stupid seminar..
On the 15th!!
Sunday le..
I offically hate Panasonic..
Should've let us know earlier..
And it starts at 830am..
Sunday morning is for sleeping..
is for relaxing..
is for going to the pasar..
is for going out with friends..
and most importantly..
It's for watching cartoon..
Now have to go there and suffer for about 5hours..
i don't even know where is the place yet..
I have to go with mrs. boss,
colleague, boss' nephew and his worker..
Ever since school i hate this kind of things d..
Walao eh..
come out to work still have to go for seminars..
Jialat lo..
Gek sei ngo la!!
My colleague has to cancel going back hometown..
even though her mom just came back from Sabah..
I really hate Panasonic now..
Dahlah the service suck..
People who work there have sucky attitude..
And now this...

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