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Friday, 27 November 2009

Ninja Assassin

Went for Ninja Assassin last night..
With Leon, my future-cousin-sister-in-law (LOL)
and my siblings..
He came over at about 8++
asked if wana go for movies..
Went to 1u, L dropped us to get the tix first..
My bro and L went back to his place to get changed..
GSC's was 11.30
so went over to TGV (i hate tgv)..
movie starts at 11, got the tix,
had dinner at McD..

The movie wasn't too bad..
Rain isn't that cute..
But his body damn chun..
Esp the part near the ending
when he was tied against the pole..
I still don't find attractive.. XD
Too much blood..
The blood was kinda fake..
everything moves damn fast..
The fighting scenes are chunted..

Read the sypnosis yourself..
I'm too lazy..

Having sore-throat + dizzy..
sore-throat makes me feel like vomitting..

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