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Saturday, 14 November 2009


Damn yeng+damn cute..


soooo cute..

-Prince Charming-
Eh so damn cute rite..
All Some of my friends are going crazy
for this fella right now..

A - That's my bf..
B - No, it's mine..
C - No la.. You all don't quarrel.. my bf..
A - Shaddap.. my bf..
C - pls la perasan.. Mine..
B - no no no.. mine..
D - haiyo why you all fighting ove my bf?
Then continue quarreling..
This fella is only 21 le..
Damn young..

Tml i will be @ Shah Alam Sec21
for the stupid speech..
Need to reach office before 830am..
Imagine sitting in a car for 1/2
with your colleague + boss..
Sure damn awkward lo..
If with friends 12hours oso stil ok..
I think i will only reach home at
around 2-2.30pm
Half day wasted just like that..
Have to sleep early tonight
and wake up early tomorrow..
Damn sien ah..
Can't watch Spongebob..
So damn sad..
Can't even go out..

Oh ya..
Yesterday i had weird dreams..
First i dreamt that my
grandfather came back to life..
There was so many people there..
I used to think that i will never miss him..
Looks like i'm wrong..
We'll will never learn to appreciate
things or people around us til it's gone..
Second i dreamt about someone
from the past..
Then it's about someone from now..
Kinda weird that i will dream
about this 2person..

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