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Saturday, 26 December 2009

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010.

5Days til 2010..
49Days to Cny..
I wont be working til 2010..
alot of people will miss me..
Cz i won't be able to talk crap with them on9..
My future cousin sister in law is one of them..
and my two other friends..
I wanted to rant about a place in Bangsar..
but i'm too lazy.. LOL

Recap of 2009..
1. Met S.H.E TWICE!!
Jan 3rd @ Sg.Wang & 8th Nov..
waited about 6++ hours..
got a book that i do not know how to read..

2. Met MyFm Dj + Asq Top5 (WanChean) XD

4. Won the MyFm sms in contest..
Got Rm200 voucher..

3. Went back to Kedah for Cny..
went to breakfast at 4am then went to Cc..
And also my cousin bro's broke my aunts toilet door..
and managed to convert my 3cousins
from who is Wan Chean to Wan Chean non stop..
One of them still shouts Wan Chean whenever she sees me..
Cousin got baptized..

5. 23rd Feb, the last time i played volleyball =.=

6. Changed my badly abused i.c
and got my Spm cert on the same day..
Had to go through so much jz to get the damn cert..

7. Bought my first hoodie..
8. Watched The L Word complete 1st to last season..
9. Fucking in-grown nail is still killing me..
10. Had many many hamsters..
11. Memory became worse..
in case u wonder how i remember all this event,
i went thru my blog all over again from Jan..
12. Got crazily mad over korean/taiwan tb hairstyles..
13. Lost my great grandma..
14. Bought 4pair of shoes (i think)
15. Got sich frequently..
16. Bought another phone, then the phone died..
17. Yasmin Ahmad passed away on 25th July..
18. 2009 is the year i watced the most movie and
went to sing k the most times..
20. Grandad passed away..
Then started regretting why i didnt treat him better..
21. Stephen Gately passed away.. 10th Oct..
22. Realised i cannot drink milk tea..
or else i will vomit,lao sai, dizzy..
What else?
Had a fight with ivy..
Then never talked to her anymore..
Which sometimes i kinda regret la..

Meeting up with these people on Sun..
Well, except maybe one or two..
And Siew Peng is getting married on Jan..
Don't worry, she's not pregnant..
That was my initial thought..
I haven't seen her for a year..
never thought that she's the first to get married..
Seriously lo..
I terkejut besar..

Revolution Resolution/Target For 2010..
1. Be more hard working or get a new job..
2. Read more bible..
3. Be a better person (dont gek my parents so much)..
4. Get my license.. (dont comment on this)
5. Save more money?
6. Get a new phone or a gadget..
7. Get more clothes..
8. A pair of slip ons..
9. More pants..
10. Meet up with my friends more often, if possible..
11. Go on a vacation..

Will TRY to achive this..
Especially the driving license..

Thursday, 24 December 2009


I have to clear my annual leave..
i will be off since next monday til fri..
will be back to work on sat..
First time i get to take such long leave..
but no $$ cant go anywhere..
And i cant wait for this sun..
Such long time din meet..
For some its more than one year..
Others is about 1month more or less..
Recently i keep dreaming about
going back to school and stuff like that..
i really really wish i can turn back time..

If you too free and have nothing to do..
Feel free to go ahead and con Emily..
Damn easy to con her..
i laughed till i almost fell off my chair..

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

These Really Made My Day..

This morning my colleague asked me..
"why do u look like u didn't comb ur hair"
I woke up late cz u cant slep last nite..
And my nose bleed this morning..
Yesterday got myself a fedora..
Went to pasar malam with Jas..
Then went to Yippie cup..
Drank the chocolate milk tea..
went home stomach pain,dizzy,feel like vomitting..
i forgot that i cant drink milk tea..
We played Jenga and "tortoise"..
And seriously,
we both dont wanna grow up..
eh, my boss bought me cempedak wei..
i noe u craving for it.. hahahaha..
The other day..
i made tang yuan..
even thou i dont like to eat it..
but i like to make tang yuan..

Happy Birthday..
I know i still owe you one meal..
Wait til i get my pay first ok..

You know what i love about
Twilight / Edward Cullen / Robert Pattinson?
Is the amount of people who hate it/them..
And those who thinks that he's a faggot..
I found this on FB yesterday,
on a group that loves them as much as i do..

Get it?

Fag - Oh God something smells like fish
Girl - *sniff sniff*
Girl - i think it's my vagina..
Fag - Really? I thought it was mine..

Fag - Psst.. I think i like you..
Girl - Oh crap.. Need to put him off fast..
Girl - I have a penis..
Fag - I don't..

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Yesterday Once More

I seriously wish i can turn back time..
There are some things that i wont change..
But there are almost mistakes that i wont repeat..
This few days i keep dreaming of my relatives..
Yea i miss my kampung so much..
56more days to go..
The other day me n my sis was listening to Cny songs..
and the scene was them taking luggage and stuff..
I sooo feel like going to my room and pack my stuff..
I have a friend who is going back to her hometown next week..
Jealous die me..

Carpenters - Yesterday Once More

Westlife - I Cry

Friday, 18 December 2009


地点:吉隆坡默迪卡體育場(Stadium Merdeka)
票价:RM398 | RM348 (對號入座)
RM238 | RM198 | RM98 (自由入座)
RM168 (搖滾區)

They're Coming~~
I soooooooooooo wanna go..
But most prob i won't get to go..
Coz it's on a sat night
my dad will NEVER allow me to go..
If my dad allow me to go..
I will get the tix for the first line..
Slowly dream la..
my dad wont ever let me go..

I have a weird ass cousin..
was chatting wit my cuz bro from JB..
Then he said brb, he pergi jemur baju..
When he came back he ask me,
"Do you know y am i so fast?"
So, i said he simply jemur nia..
He said "no, because i am The Flash"
WTF =.=""""""
Then he said,
"bluff u de la, actually i am Night Crawler,
i teleport myself thats y so fast"
Then i say him kisiao..
He changed to Bleach character pula..
Talking to him seriously
needs alot of effort..
Or else i will vomit blood..

Tuesday, 15 December 2009


☆  ╱╲ ╱╲ ☆  ☆  ☆
 ╱╳+▲╱  ╲ ╱╲ ☆  ☆    
╱╱ ◢◣+   ╳  ╲  ☆  
╱ +◢█◣  /    ╲☆    
☆ ◢██◣聖誕節  ˙˙˙
___▂▂█▂▂__預祝 聖誕節快樂﹋ Merry X'mas
。 ° • 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛
。° 。 ° 。˚ ˛ • ˚ ˚ ˛
M Y 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ • •
。CHRiSTMAS 。 。° 。 ° ˛ ˚ ˛
_Π____ 。 ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •˛ •˚
/_____/ \。˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •˛ •˚
|田田|門| | ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to u

So cute kan..
but i don't celebrate Xmas..
And i'm only excited about Cny..
Recently(not reli) i just realised that family and
friends are the most important thing in the world..
Seriously lo..
Nothing can compare to them..
And i miss my grandfather..
It will be the first Cny without him..
Human always regret when they lose something..
Like me..
When he was around i took him for granted..
Now that he's gone,
i miss him..
60more days..
I've been listening to Cny songs for the past few days..
i cant wait to be back..

Monday, 14 December 2009

♥ Ong Ching Yee ♥

She's the reason i watch chinese news..
everynite i will see who is the newscaster..
Then only i will decide if i wanna watch..
She's 26 this year, from Pg..
Damn cute sial..

Went to OU yesterday..
Wanted to watch Storm Warrior/2012 / Mulan
but no tix and timing not ngam..
i watched Zombieland yesterday..
I thought it would suck..
but i was wrong..
It's kinda nice and funny as hell..
Kinda retarded at times..
I liked it..

I bought MyAstro Cny album..
Really love it..
Esp track 1, track 6 and track 9..
My sis cried while listening to Track 6..
The title is Xi Fu,
According to my sis,
The Xi is from Zhen Xi..
And the Fu is from Xing Fu..
I said this last year i will say it again..
MyAstro' Cny album is better than 988..
Trust me..
Btw i got the one from 8tv too..
The main reason i got it was because of
my beloved newscaster..
I found that the songs were quite nice..
But the song i loved most is
Track8.. (if i'm not mistaken)
It's in hokkien and the song is damn cute..

Yesterday when i came back from OU,
one indian guy tried to cheat us..
He said he's 15 and just came
from Kedah 3days ago..
His bro, a police officer is in ICU at GH,
because he was attacked by 2chinese guy in an ops..
He has no money to visit his bro,
the policeman in Sea Park doesnt wanna take him there
he walked all the way here from Tmn Mayang..
(he claims he doesnt know this place)
His mom is coming down on mon..
He was wearing a jacket and slipper.. =.=""
Repeating the same line over and over
he says that he cant just go home and
sit there without finding a way to visit his bro..
He ask us to help him get there and also said
that he already asked 30 over people..
but no one was willing to help him..
I wanted to..
1. he walked all the way here but wasn't sweating,
i was looking at his neck, back, forehead
but there was no sweat at all..
2. his feet weren't dirty,
i had wore slippers to work, from my house to office
takes about 15 mins at most and my legs were dirty like hell..
3. he just came down for 3days,
no $ but has a place to stay?
4. if his bro was really attacked how come
i dont hear news about it?
5. since his mom is coming down,
how come they didn't come down together?
he didn't need to come down wert..
think i was born yesterday..

Saturday, 12 December 2009


Watched Princess And The Frog..
Was damn nice..
Loved it..
Go watch..
and i'm sick now..
flu + sore throat..
i think Secret Recipe in Curve sucks..
Coz the food taste like shit..
And after eating,
i lao sai + vomit..

Thursday, 10 December 2009


my bro is going to stay at my
aunts place at Johor..
Till when?
I don't know..
But i noe i lost my kaki lepak..
Everytime i feel like going out
for supper or late dinner
i will ask him to go..
when he wants to do so he will ask me..
I think he will be going till after Cny..
And i will be stuck at home everynite..
Kids these days..
damn syok lo..
after spm go play..
during my days,
(LOL i make myself sound so old)
once finish exam i went to look for job d..
Then started working on Feb15..
I will always remember this date lo..
Not only bcoz it was the first day i started working..
But because......
jaslyn would know..

have i ever mention that i love kids?
I really do..
But i don't think so i will ever give birth..

I'm still wondering whether i should cut my hair..
I want something like this..
But dono if it suits me..
My mom complains about the
length of my hair..
So i think this would keep her satisfied..
Anyone know is there any programme
that i can upload my pic
then alter the hairstyle to see
whether it suits me or not..

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Lifeless, Random Update

met this small boy..
about 2 years old..
And he's just so damn cute..
Reli feel like pinching his face..

Lazy to explain the story..
my sis just wave at him,
den i wave at him..
he looks at me with his innocent eye..
Then i said follow me.. (in mand)
And he did..
Damn cute sial..
He just hold my hands and followed me..

Monday, 7 December 2009


Yesterday was supposed to go
Sunway with Mandy & Karmen..
But in the end i had to ffk them
cz i was supposed to be doing something else..
in the i didn't do that too..
the 3 of us (my & my siblings)
decided not to spend the whole day at home..
So, we went to The Curve..
There was a movie fest going on..
But it seems so UNinteresting..
Macam tak ada apa..
Wanted to watch movie but nothing
that is interesting as well..
Went to sing k..
Then went to look for clothes..
Shopping for Cny..
I've oredi got a pair of shoes
so not planning to buy again..
Discounts every where..
My sis bought a pair of pants for my bro..
Then i bought 3 polo-T at B.G
for Rm89..
Same design but 3different colour.. LOL..
Ate McD..
Shop again..
Bought 2pair of pants,
one for me one for my bro Rm65..
Walk around again..
Anna went to Nichii while me and my bro fool around..
I got a pair of sunglasses from there..
Went to this new shop that sells all
the item at Rm5..
Saw Jaslyn Khews best fren..
Got a scarf there..
Don't even know if i will ever use it..
Just got it for the sake of getting it..
Wanted to go back at 5sumtin..
but they said there will be snow at 7.30pm..
So we waited..

Had dinner at this place called Winter sumtin..
The main reason was coz there's
people singing outside the outlet..
The food so not worth it..
Waited til 730..
Thought the snow will be ice or sumtin..
It was bubbles from soap..
like the one you get from washing your head..
cheater cock..
made me wait for 2hours..
and it rained like crap..
Reached home at about 8.00pm?
Was tired like hell..

I love my new shades..
(don't ask me what's with the hair)
I'm officially broke and
my shopping is not even half done yet..

p/s : there's a bird in my office..
And it keeps chirping non-stop..

p/p/s : CNY is 68days from now..

Friday, 4 December 2009


I miss school..
after i met ernice,
that night itself i dreamt
that i went back to school..
And dreamt of someone..
A certain someone that will always
have a place in my heart
no matter how many years down the road..

It's been raining crazily since past few days..
And since last night it has been raining til now..
Feel like playing rain.. XD
I wanna turn back time..
Go back to when i was still a kid..
Such nice times..
Now everyday trapped in office nia..
sien til can die..

I broke my phone cover..

So i changed back to the old one..
Which looked newer than this..

Reminisce - To recollect and tell of past experiences or events.
In 27days - 2009 will be over..
In 71days - Cny is here again..
Can't wait..
I wil start to reminisce in a few weeks time..
So wait for it la..

This sunday will be going out to Sunway
with Mandy, Joyce, Karmen, my sis and myb Jas..
Shop for clothes and stuff..
and also myb shave my head cut my hair..

Thursday, 3 December 2009


  1. met ernice at Giant
  2. she gave me chocolate
  3. said i'm a gentleman
  4. helped her carry her stuff
  5. meet back primary sch fren at Giant
    she's workin at Guardian
    I so do not recognise her..
  6. whole body paining like hell..
  7. going sunway dis sun
    to shop for Cny.. XD

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Woo La La~

Seems like these days
girls who dress up like guy/androgynous
are very famous in Asian countries..
I went and googled up some..
Others were from facebook/friendster..
Some of them are reli reli cute..
Example : Nike, Yang Yang,Zee..
Come let's have a look at them..
These are the few more famous wan la..
If not famous how to find..
most of them are from taiwan..
Coz of....
i dont know why but it seems so..

Sooooo damn cute rite..
If only...

Cooka from i donno where..
Most prob Taiwan..

I jz found out that Nike is a name of a 'goddess'..
Goddess of what i dont know..
but i know this Nike is reli cute..
She's a model from Taiwan..

who looks like Yun-Ho from DBSK..
Korean cos-player/model..

This is Ah Wei..
I tak kenal dia la..
but seems like quite famous..
Most prob taiwanese..

Chris (Fish)
From Les-T..
(Nike + Zai Zai also from Les-T)
I don't know what Les-T is actually..
but i think it's for modelling..

This one oso i dono..
But kinda cute..
Seems like a thailander but who knows..

Most probably also from taiwan..

A singer from Taiwan..
But i've never heard of her,
nor heard her songs before..

Such a weird name..
This one quite famous gua..
Coz her pics keep popping out..
But quite cute oso..

from taiwan..
My friend said the name is Hua Hua..
Damn gay..
what a name..

Oh my beloved Zee..
i will never know that this is a girl
if no one told me..
Damn cute kan??
wasted betul..

Yang Yang from Taiwan..
this 1 damn cute oso rite..
This is mandy's fave..

This is also Yang Yang..
So hawt rite..

From Taiwan i think..

If i'm not mistaken this is Max..
Max is a name i used to like..
(coz of Jessica Alba in Dark Angel)
Until i realised Max kinda sounds like
a name for Golden Retriever.. LOL

Tokk1 from Taiwan..
what a weird name..

Little Bee..
Taiwan oso..
If not mistaken also a model la..

Last but not least..
From Malaysia..
Malacca to be exact..

I think there's more..
But i'm kinda lazy to find..
and also lazy to post..
Finding is easy..
Posting is hard..
Can only upload 5pics at a time..
Reli steam kepotongan..
Most of them have reli nice hair..
So jealous lo..
How i wish my hair is also that nice..