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Saturday, 26 December 2009

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010.

5Days til 2010..
49Days to Cny..
I wont be working til 2010..
alot of people will miss me..
Cz i won't be able to talk crap with them on9..
My future cousin sister in law is one of them..
and my two other friends..
I wanted to rant about a place in Bangsar..
but i'm too lazy.. LOL

Recap of 2009..
1. Met S.H.E TWICE!!
Jan 3rd @ Sg.Wang & 8th Nov..
waited about 6++ hours..
got a book that i do not know how to read..

2. Met MyFm Dj + Asq Top5 (WanChean) XD

4. Won the MyFm sms in contest..
Got Rm200 voucher..

3. Went back to Kedah for Cny..
went to breakfast at 4am then went to Cc..
And also my cousin bro's broke my aunts toilet door..
and managed to convert my 3cousins
from who is Wan Chean to Wan Chean non stop..
One of them still shouts Wan Chean whenever she sees me..
Cousin got baptized..

5. 23rd Feb, the last time i played volleyball =.=

6. Changed my badly abused i.c
and got my Spm cert on the same day..
Had to go through so much jz to get the damn cert..

7. Bought my first hoodie..
8. Watched The L Word complete 1st to last season..
9. Fucking in-grown nail is still killing me..
10. Had many many hamsters..
11. Memory became worse..
in case u wonder how i remember all this event,
i went thru my blog all over again from Jan..
12. Got crazily mad over korean/taiwan tb hairstyles..
13. Lost my great grandma..
14. Bought 4pair of shoes (i think)
15. Got sich frequently..
16. Bought another phone, then the phone died..
17. Yasmin Ahmad passed away on 25th July..
18. 2009 is the year i watced the most movie and
went to sing k the most times..
20. Grandad passed away..
Then started regretting why i didnt treat him better..
21. Stephen Gately passed away.. 10th Oct..
22. Realised i cannot drink milk tea..
or else i will vomit,lao sai, dizzy..
What else?
Had a fight with ivy..
Then never talked to her anymore..
Which sometimes i kinda regret la..

Meeting up with these people on Sun..
Well, except maybe one or two..
And Siew Peng is getting married on Jan..
Don't worry, she's not pregnant..
That was my initial thought..
I haven't seen her for a year..
never thought that she's the first to get married..
Seriously lo..
I terkejut besar..

Revolution Resolution/Target For 2010..
1. Be more hard working or get a new job..
2. Read more bible..
3. Be a better person (dont gek my parents so much)..
4. Get my license.. (dont comment on this)
5. Save more money?
6. Get a new phone or a gadget..
7. Get more clothes..
8. A pair of slip ons..
9. More pants..
10. Meet up with my friends more often, if possible..
11. Go on a vacation..

Will TRY to achive this..
Especially the driving license..

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