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Monday, 14 December 2009

♥ Ong Ching Yee ♥

She's the reason i watch chinese news..
everynite i will see who is the newscaster..
Then only i will decide if i wanna watch..
She's 26 this year, from Pg..
Damn cute sial..

Went to OU yesterday..
Wanted to watch Storm Warrior/2012 / Mulan
but no tix and timing not ngam..
i watched Zombieland yesterday..
I thought it would suck..
but i was wrong..
It's kinda nice and funny as hell..
Kinda retarded at times..
I liked it..

I bought MyAstro Cny album..
Really love it..
Esp track 1, track 6 and track 9..
My sis cried while listening to Track 6..
The title is Xi Fu,
According to my sis,
The Xi is from Zhen Xi..
And the Fu is from Xing Fu..
I said this last year i will say it again..
MyAstro' Cny album is better than 988..
Trust me..
Btw i got the one from 8tv too..
The main reason i got it was because of
my beloved newscaster..
I found that the songs were quite nice..
But the song i loved most is
Track8.. (if i'm not mistaken)
It's in hokkien and the song is damn cute..

Yesterday when i came back from OU,
one indian guy tried to cheat us..
He said he's 15 and just came
from Kedah 3days ago..
His bro, a police officer is in ICU at GH,
because he was attacked by 2chinese guy in an ops..
He has no money to visit his bro,
the policeman in Sea Park doesnt wanna take him there
he walked all the way here from Tmn Mayang..
(he claims he doesnt know this place)
His mom is coming down on mon..
He was wearing a jacket and slipper.. =.=""
Repeating the same line over and over
he says that he cant just go home and
sit there without finding a way to visit his bro..
He ask us to help him get there and also said
that he already asked 30 over people..
but no one was willing to help him..
I wanted to..
1. he walked all the way here but wasn't sweating,
i was looking at his neck, back, forehead
but there was no sweat at all..
2. his feet weren't dirty,
i had wore slippers to work, from my house to office
takes about 15 mins at most and my legs were dirty like hell..
3. he just came down for 3days,
no $ but has a place to stay?
4. if his bro was really attacked how come
i dont hear news about it?
5. since his mom is coming down,
how come they didn't come down together?
he didn't need to come down wert..
think i was born yesterday..

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