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Friday, 4 December 2009


I miss school..
after i met ernice,
that night itself i dreamt
that i went back to school..
And dreamt of someone..
A certain someone that will always
have a place in my heart
no matter how many years down the road..

It's been raining crazily since past few days..
And since last night it has been raining til now..
Feel like playing rain.. XD
I wanna turn back time..
Go back to when i was still a kid..
Such nice times..
Now everyday trapped in office nia..
sien til can die..

I broke my phone cover..

So i changed back to the old one..
Which looked newer than this..

Reminisce - To recollect and tell of past experiences or events.
In 27days - 2009 will be over..
In 71days - Cny is here again..
Can't wait..
I wil start to reminisce in a few weeks time..
So wait for it la..

This sunday will be going out to Sunway
with Mandy, Joyce, Karmen, my sis and myb Jas..
Shop for clothes and stuff..
and also myb shave my head cut my hair..

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