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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

These Really Made My Day..

This morning my colleague asked me..
"why do u look like u didn't comb ur hair"
I woke up late cz u cant slep last nite..
And my nose bleed this morning..
Yesterday got myself a fedora..
Went to pasar malam with Jas..
Then went to Yippie cup..
Drank the chocolate milk tea..
went home stomach pain,dizzy,feel like vomitting..
i forgot that i cant drink milk tea..
We played Jenga and "tortoise"..
And seriously,
we both dont wanna grow up..
eh, my boss bought me cempedak wei..
i noe u craving for it.. hahahaha..
The other day..
i made tang yuan..
even thou i dont like to eat it..
but i like to make tang yuan..

Happy Birthday..
I know i still owe you one meal..
Wait til i get my pay first ok..

You know what i love about
Twilight / Edward Cullen / Robert Pattinson?
Is the amount of people who hate it/them..
And those who thinks that he's a faggot..
I found this on FB yesterday,
on a group that loves them as much as i do..

Get it?

Fag - Oh God something smells like fish
Girl - *sniff sniff*
Girl - i think it's my vagina..
Fag - Really? I thought it was mine..

Fag - Psst.. I think i like you..
Girl - Oh crap.. Need to put him off fast..
Girl - I have a penis..
Fag - I don't..

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