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Thursday, 10 December 2009


my bro is going to stay at my
aunts place at Johor..
Till when?
I don't know..
But i noe i lost my kaki lepak..
Everytime i feel like going out
for supper or late dinner
i will ask him to go..
when he wants to do so he will ask me..
I think he will be going till after Cny..
And i will be stuck at home everynite..
Kids these days..
damn syok lo..
after spm go play..
during my days,
(LOL i make myself sound so old)
once finish exam i went to look for job d..
Then started working on Feb15..
I will always remember this date lo..
Not only bcoz it was the first day i started working..
But because......
jaslyn would know..

have i ever mention that i love kids?
I really do..
But i don't think so i will ever give birth..

I'm still wondering whether i should cut my hair..
I want something like this..
But dono if it suits me..
My mom complains about the
length of my hair..
So i think this would keep her satisfied..
Anyone know is there any programme
that i can upload my pic
then alter the hairstyle to see
whether it suits me or not..

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