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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Woo La La~

Seems like these days
girls who dress up like guy/androgynous
are very famous in Asian countries..
I went and googled up some..
Others were from facebook/friendster..
Some of them are reli reli cute..
Example : Nike, Yang Yang,Zee..
Come let's have a look at them..
These are the few more famous wan la..
If not famous how to find..
most of them are from taiwan..
Coz of....
i dont know why but it seems so..

Sooooo damn cute rite..
If only...

Cooka from i donno where..
Most prob Taiwan..

I jz found out that Nike is a name of a 'goddess'..
Goddess of what i dont know..
but i know this Nike is reli cute..
She's a model from Taiwan..

who looks like Yun-Ho from DBSK..
Korean cos-player/model..

This is Ah Wei..
I tak kenal dia la..
but seems like quite famous..
Most prob taiwanese..

Chris (Fish)
From Les-T..
(Nike + Zai Zai also from Les-T)
I don't know what Les-T is actually..
but i think it's for modelling..

This one oso i dono..
But kinda cute..
Seems like a thailander but who knows..

Most probably also from taiwan..

A singer from Taiwan..
But i've never heard of her,
nor heard her songs before..

Such a weird name..
This one quite famous gua..
Coz her pics keep popping out..
But quite cute oso..

from taiwan..
My friend said the name is Hua Hua..
Damn gay..
what a name..

Oh my beloved Zee..
i will never know that this is a girl
if no one told me..
Damn cute kan??
wasted betul..

Yang Yang from Taiwan..
this 1 damn cute oso rite..
This is mandy's fave..

This is also Yang Yang..
So hawt rite..

From Taiwan i think..

If i'm not mistaken this is Max..
Max is a name i used to like..
(coz of Jessica Alba in Dark Angel)
Until i realised Max kinda sounds like
a name for Golden Retriever.. LOL

Tokk1 from Taiwan..
what a weird name..

Little Bee..
Taiwan oso..
If not mistaken also a model la..

Last but not least..
From Malaysia..
Malacca to be exact..

I think there's more..
But i'm kinda lazy to find..
and also lazy to post..
Finding is easy..
Posting is hard..
Can only upload 5pics at a time..
Reli steam kepotongan..
Most of them have reli nice hair..
So jealous lo..
How i wish my hair is also that nice..

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