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Monday, 7 December 2009


Yesterday was supposed to go
Sunway with Mandy & Karmen..
But in the end i had to ffk them
cz i was supposed to be doing something else..
in the i didn't do that too..
the 3 of us (my & my siblings)
decided not to spend the whole day at home..
So, we went to The Curve..
There was a movie fest going on..
But it seems so UNinteresting..
Macam tak ada apa..
Wanted to watch movie but nothing
that is interesting as well..
Went to sing k..
Then went to look for clothes..
Shopping for Cny..
I've oredi got a pair of shoes
so not planning to buy again..
Discounts every where..
My sis bought a pair of pants for my bro..
Then i bought 3 polo-T at B.G
for Rm89..
Same design but 3different colour.. LOL..
Ate McD..
Shop again..
Bought 2pair of pants,
one for me one for my bro Rm65..
Walk around again..
Anna went to Nichii while me and my bro fool around..
I got a pair of sunglasses from there..
Went to this new shop that sells all
the item at Rm5..
Saw Jaslyn Khews best fren..
Got a scarf there..
Don't even know if i will ever use it..
Just got it for the sake of getting it..
Wanted to go back at 5sumtin..
but they said there will be snow at 7.30pm..
So we waited..

Had dinner at this place called Winter sumtin..
The main reason was coz there's
people singing outside the outlet..
The food so not worth it..
Waited til 730..
Thought the snow will be ice or sumtin..
It was bubbles from soap..
like the one you get from washing your head..
cheater cock..
made me wait for 2hours..
and it rained like crap..
Reached home at about 8.00pm?
Was tired like hell..

I love my new shades..
(don't ask me what's with the hair)
I'm officially broke and
my shopping is not even half done yet..

p/s : there's a bird in my office..
And it keeps chirping non-stop..

p/p/s : CNY is 68days from now..

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