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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Aish! Recap of 2010..

Not sure if i'm working tomorrow..
Half day would be nice..
2011 is in 1day?
I'm too lazy to even do recap of 2010..
I just know i went out alot..
Let's see..

January - A friend got married..

Feb - Celebrated Cny?

March -
Played volleyball in the rain and fell and QQ killed worms LOL..
Became a retard and play online pictionary with TeeTee..
Fool around on and entertain ourselves..
Had durian pancake for the first time..
SHERO was released and preordered it
and played Pop Pop like kids outside my house with Mandy,QQ & Jackie..

April - New addtion to the (extended) family..
A friend gave birth..
I finally took and passed my undang test..
Stupid colleague left a cup in the office and a lizard went and swim in it..

May - Went to Johor1, 2 for a trip with family..
Visited the friend who gave birth..
Boss blocked fb and msn, etc etc etc..
Fish spa..

June - Realised gay blogs are really interesting..
Friends celebrated my bday for me and gave me a pendant..
(I never took it off ok)

July - Went I-City for the first time..
Finally passed my driving test..
I won 250,000..

August - McD came out with GCB, GSB PLS COME BACK!!
Blogged about Ong Ching Yee and realised many people google for her..
Blogged at QQ's blog..
Hooked on Wonder Girls for life..
Went to my first bazaar ramadhan and first meal at Korean Restaurant..
Mom went to operate and i stayed overnight at hospital with her..

September - Went back to Kedah & Perak..
Played candles with Leo,TeeTee & QQ..

Oct - Ito Hideaki..
Went to JYJ Showcase, 2 and got burnt in the sun wtf..
My beloved Princess Selina got injured while filming..
(and i cried and teared and cried wtf)
Went to An Honest Mistake Showcase with QQ (halfway)..

November - Cried for the first time in Neway wtf..
Went Ikea with QQ and she hit a kids face LOL..
Aunt came from Johor..
Had Tong Kei for the first time, saw Ong Ching Yee at Ss15,
went Desa Park with Leo,Teetee,QQ..
I-City with relatives who came from Kedah..

December - Watched Rapunzel with QQ @
Sunway & bought 2pair of shoes..
Blog about hating Snsd, Jessica gets molested,
got boomed for hating them LOL..
Wonder Girls concert in Malaysia which i didnt get to go..
Watched Tron with QQ..
Hebe's Showcase in Malaysia i didnt get to go too..

Last year i had resolutions..
Achived :-
4. Get my license..
5. Save more money.. (kinda)
6. Get a new phone or a gadget..
7. Get more clothes..
8. A pair of slip ons.. (i got 2)
9. More pants..
10. Meet up with my friends more often..

I'm not gonna make any resolution lol..
its just a waste of time..

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

He's Beautiful

You love her but she loves him,
and he loves somebody else you just cant win.
And so it goes till the day you die.
This thing they call love,

its gonna make you cry.

Somehow i really love sad quotes, sad songs, sad movies,
about love, heartbreak, friendship and what not..
But i hate all those romantic stuff wtf..
I am contradicting myself..
And i hate Julia Roberts..

Anyways everyone should watch He's Beautiful..
Even though the story line is almost the same as HanaKimi..
But this drama is really good..
There are 4eye candies,
Park Shin Hye, Jang Geun Suk,
Jung Yong Hwa (C.N Blue), Lee Hong Ki (F.T Island)..
I cried watching the show..
We are now at episode 10..
We're watching it on dvd because we cant wait
to find out about what happened and tv cut alot..
Even some of the important scenes they cut..
Lets talk about when i am not lazy to google about them..
This is the only movie (besides Autumn In My Heart)
that i actually am interested in watching..
I normally dont watch K-Drama coz its kinda repetitive
and same story line and kinda stupid at times..
But this is really good..
Park Shin Hye is such a fantabulous actress..
And her crying scenes are so damn heart breaking..

Monday, 27 December 2010


Memories are faded just like the footprints in the sand,
when time comes the waves will wash it all away..
I tried so hard, but im already gone, you couldnt have loved me better..
You are the reason that i breathe,
you are the reason why i believe,
you are my destiny..
Always put you first,
You made it look so perfect i never wanted to let you go,
Wo Ai Ni?

I dreamt that proposed to Binnie..
What a dream..
Cant remember the whole dream
but i remember i was on one knee in front of her..
there has been so much drama for the past week..
And my QQ won't be back til tomorrow..
/dies again

Friday, 24 December 2010



Jyp Nation - Christmas Card for you^^

YooBin Saranghae!!

Jyp Nation TeamPlay concert is tonight!!!!

I wanted to blog about something but i forgot..

Btw someone is getting married..

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Baby Ye Eun

Name: 김유빈 / Kim Yoo Bin
Profession: Actress, CF model
Birthdate: 2005-Jan-14
Birthplace: South Korea
Star sign: Capricorn
If she looks at me with this expression,
i would buy the whole kids section for her..
This kid is sooooooo damn cute..
This is the kid from Oh! My Lady..
Daughter of Sung Min Woo (Choi Si Won)..
And she has the same name as Kim YooBin my wife from Wonder Girls

A day out at the zoo LOL..

Chae Rim is so damn auntie in the show..
And Choi Si Won does have a hot bod..

I didn't really watch the whole show..
But whenever i tune in,
i will only gush over how cute the little kid is..

Sooooooo cute!!
*pinches face*

Sung Min Woo was so mean to her in the beginning..
But in the end Cuteness Prevails!!
I want to work in the nursery..

Monday, 20 December 2010

TRON : Legacy

watched this show with QQ @ TGV..
And i found out that Tgv in 1U takde toilet wtf..
Its like at the opposite side unlike the one in GSC..
We decided to go Tgv because the line @ Gsc was freaking long..
And we anyhow decided on Tron..
And the popcorn combo comes with a Yo-yo!!
And the yo-yo will light up!
wtf, childish..

Tron : Legacy - Wiki Page


Kevin Flynn Vs Clu..
(Jeff Brigdes)

Dude is so damn fly..
And somehow he reminds me of Moses..
When he appeared on screen i almost shouted MOSES!

Quorra (Olivia Wilde)
Somehow i don't find her attractive at all..

Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund)
In the beginning where he appeared with the Ducati,
i fell in love........with the bike wtf..
And i dont know why but one scene @ his "apartment"
reminded me of Terminator 2..
My fave scene was the Light Cycle match..
It was freaking awesome..
Should've watched it in 3D..
If Rapunzel was a 9/10,
Tron would be 7/10..
I was more impressed by Rapunzel LOL..
Maybe because it was in 3D..

Met up with Mandy who i havent seen for the past half year..
Went to Wong Kok and meet up with
Had our dinner, talked and laughed..

Later that night,

meet up with Jackie together with Mandy..
They make me feel depressed LOL..
Just kidding..

QQ & I also stalked TeeTee's friend Thum2..

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Thursday December 16, 2010

We must do more to protect
our daughters from exploitation

AT 14, the biggest decision I had to make was
deciding which new mobile phone model I should be spending my savings on.
This is probably true for most children of that age in most parts of this country.

Imagine my shock when I read of a mass wedding
conducted in downtown Kuala Lumpur last Saturday
and the stars of the ceremony –
a 14-year-old bride and her 23-year-old school teacher-husband.

Local dailies gushed about the blushing bride resplendent
in her bridal finery and I found myself wondering
what choices the bride was given before deciding on the marriage.

Reaction to their union was swift,
with the local dailies following up with recounts of similar
controversial marriages of an 11-year-old girl to a 41-year-old man in Kelantan
and a 10-year-old girl’s marriage to a 40-year-old man,
also in Kelantan earlier this year.

We are further informed that there are some 16,000 married
Malaysian girls aged below 15 on current official records.

The marriage also made international news
and has since sparked a vociferous debate,
online more than anywhere else,
against the practice of child marriages in Malaysia.

In most developing countries,
between 20% and 70% of young women marry
(or start living with a partner) before age 18.

More often than not, child brides are pulled out of school,
depriving them of an education and meaningful work.
They suffer health risks associated with
early sexual activity and childbearing,
leading to high rates of maternal and child mortality
as well as sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.

And they are more likely to be victims of domestic violence,
sexual abuse and social isolation.

Though opposition to child marriages at the grassroots level is clearly evident,
the silence from the authorities
(the Women, Family and Community Develop­ment Ministry, foremost among others)
have been all but deafening.

In a statement, its minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil reportedly said:
“As far as I know, she’s got the consent of the court.”

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz,
who is in charge of legal affairs,
echoed the same sentiment,
revealing that the Government had no intention
of reviewing laws allowing for underage marriages
because the practice is permitted under Islam.

I find our lawmakers’ attitude of passing the buck
onto the Syariah court as a matter outside of their jurisdiction
to be a little perplexing, if not outright disturbing.

For instance, the Moroccan government has reportedly
made the boldest reform in recent years regarding women’s legal rights.
In January 2004, it adopted an entirely new Family Law
that was both within the framework of Islamic law with a goal of promoting gender equality,
raising the minimum legal age at marriage for
Moroccan women from 15 years to 18 years
(similar to that for men).
Other Islamic countries in the region have since adopted similar laws,
all of them also within the framework of Islamic/Syariah laws.

This alone should be a convincing indicator to all parties concerned
that the protection of women is provided for within Islamic religious laws.

Without venturing too far into unfamiliar territory,
I find myself wondering to what standards the Malaysian Syariah court
measures itself as a proponent of moderate Islam
alongside their counterparts in arguably more hardline
Muslim countries in the Middle East.

If the governments of these countries can summon up
the political will to protect their daughters
through actual legal reform, why not us?

To Shahrizat’s credit, she did mention:
“It is not our culture in Malaysia to practise child marriage,
hence if possible, I hope such cases will not occur again.”

That being said, the time for merely wishing and hoping has passed.
Concrete action is needed if we are serious
in protecting our daughters from exploitation.

Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir encapsulates this whole issue best in saying:
“Paedophilia is paedophilia, no matter the garb.”
She is right. Enough is enough.
Let our daughters be.


"If my daughter told me she wants to get married
at the age of 10 i will drown her"
^ is what i said to TeeTee..
I have cousins at the age of 10 & 14..
They are still (considered) babies lor ok (for me)..

Btw i thought the lady in Tron (Olivia Wilde)
was Katherine Zeta Jones wtf..
I was considering watching it aih..

Olivia Wilde..
Wah look like lor..
But when i googled Olivia Wilde..

The ever so gorgeous Catherine Zeta Jones..
ZORRO!!Antonio Banderas!!
They look so good together..
Puss In Boots.. Hahahaha..
-cr google
Ok i know i am so random..
From underage marriage i jumped to CZJ..
But she's so gorgeous & she's 41 wtf but she looks so young..
And yes i adore older women who cary themselves well..
And women who have talent..

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

My Reply

Although this fella might come to my blog again,
but i just want to reply..
Because i am mou liu like that..
Chui meh?
Btw i just found "First International Anti-Snsd Forum"
Am i joining?
Are you kidding me?
Of course i am..
And this thread shows why TaeYeon is such a "great" leader..
And read this
Sones : Why are they the main reason of our dislike towards SNSD
And this..
If you worship SNSD, you are not a girl. You are a disgrace.
And this too wtf..

15 Dec 10, 00:22
SONE: Get a life , talk machiam like one small hater only ,
post at your small blog say i hate snsd , wtf

Posting comments on other peoples cbox means you have life.. (y)
Pls click on the last link on top tq..
What is machiam?
If machiam is macam then i dont think your sentence makes any sense..
Fyi macam and like is the same meaning..
Do blog have sizes?
Is 569posts big enough for you?
This is my blog and i am the only blogger here so ya,
only one not-so-small hater..

15 Dec 10, 00:23
SONE: Go somewhere like snsd fan page or what,
sones are so going to hunt you down , laughs .

Why would i bother to go and find Snsd fan page?
I roll my eyes everytime i see their face so why would i wanna go there?
And how are they gonna hunt me down?
GPS ah? /laughs wtf

15 Dec 10, 00:23

SONE: not happy about my comment ?
sue me lah dog , if you watch their recent performance like hoot , they

15 Dec 10, 00:24
SONE: hardly lip sync , yes ,
sometimes they do lip sync ,

Actually i am quite happy about your comment..
Because it shows i have reader &
that Sones have no life like me, and i can poke fun at your english..
Hardly lip sync? So it means they lip sync!
Their dance is so easy my brother can do it,
and their voice will be affected?
Eh pls la their voice was not even good to begin with..

15 Dec 10, 00:25
SONE: Try dancing Genie/Oh!/RDR while singing ,
i bet you'll sing worser than our 9 girls .

I will not humiliate myself by doing their stupid dance..
I'm not an artist nor have i been through training,
they had and yet they still suck..
I will not sing worser than your 9 girls because i dont know what worser is..

15 Dec 10, 00:26
SONE: Do you compare Tiffany / Jessica / Taeyeon to yourself?
Laughs , come show your talent out

I dont remember comparing myself to them..
and i won't because it will be degrading..
Pls teach me how to show my talent out tq..

15 Dec 10, 00:27

SONE: and lets see who's the talented one .
Can you sing like Taeyeon / Jessica ? Do you have eye smile

15 Dec 10, 00:27
SONE: like Tiffany ? No ?
Then stop scolding them , because people will compare YOU to the 9 girls .

If squeaking is a talent,
then i guess the two of them are VERY talented..
Eye smile life Tiffany?
Do you know that she is the most hated member of Snsd?
FYI I am not scolding them, i am voicing MY opinion..
I don't really care if people compare me to the 9
sluts girls..
It doesnt bother me..

15 Dec 10, 00:29
SONE: WG and SNSD are friends ,
they get well together , why bother hating each other ?

15 Dec 10, 00:29

They are friends and?
Pls refer to the third link above..
They dont get sick together, so they dont get well together wtf..
I am not a cannibal so i dont actually eat brains but thanks..
I created this blog in 2008 i didn't even know Snsd existed
so i did not create "a blog like that" to
keep scolding the 9 sluts girls..

15 Dec 10, 00:30
As per above, i said i am quite happy
and why are you so repetitive gosh..
And if you really wanted me to sue you,
you would've left your contact,name,address and such..
Don't be a coward tqvm..

SONE: Sunmi doesn't want a fan like you to be her baby girl,
who will disgrace their face by liking you

In case you cant read (which i doubt that since you can comment
or maybe your level of understanding is low)..

What i wrote was,
"Obviously my baby girl SunMi is waaaay prettier & cuter.."
They don't even know who i am so how is she gonna like me?
Please have some brain before saying something..


Why am i so mou liu..

My beloved QQ's reply..
15 Dec 10, 09:44
Jas: Sone>how to sue u when u didnt state wer u staying???
so u r one on the brainless ppl too..
15 Dec 10, 09:45
Jas: N its ppl blog y u care??
she can hate anyone y u care??u control her body??stupid
15 Dec 10, 09:52
Jas: Sone>btw u see a dog online before??
i guess u did not HAVE SUM BRAIN before scolding..peace!!

I think the place she came from, dogs can go online..

Tuesday, 14 December 2010


“When your love lets you go you only want love more,
even when love’s not what you are looking for”

Tian Fu Zhen Love! Autograph in Kuala Lumpur
Date: 25 December 2010
Time: 8:30 p.m.
Venue: Kuala Lumpur Home Cheras Vision Church Building, 4th floor
- Source

1) My dad will kill me..
2) I dont know where is that..
3) Even if i know where is that i have no transport..

I'm upset..

p/s : recently i kept dreaming about work FML..
p/p/s : 2 nights ago i dreamt of Ong Ching Yee,
Sat dreamt of Hebe, YooBin & SunYe..
Think too much these day..

Monday, 13 December 2010


Wonder Girls Nobody made it to Year End Billboard Charts..
Wah i am so damn proud..

YooBin did So What (Pink)..
She obviously rocked the stage..
My baby girl is a rock star man..

And there was a skit..
It made me love Wonder Girls all the more..
I read there was a lot of YooMin/SunBin at the concert LOL..

Kinda depressing that i missed it..
I'll just have to hope that JYP will release concert dvd..
*patiently waits for dvd and clearer fancam*
Wah the skirt so short..
But not as short as *cough*
They look so demure..
and cute..
and innocent..

I like Kim Hyun Joong's hair..
So nice..
I actually like his hairstyle wow..

I'm broke for the month..
Saturday went to TCM, wanted to shop for clothes..
But @ TCM they have female clothes mostly fml..
Went to a cd store, Victoria something..
(No, not Victoria's Secret wtf)..
Bought Hebe concert dvd + 1 S.H.E poster!!
Then i asked the guy for the Wonder Girls poster..
Since it was the day of their concert so he just gave it to me..
Sunday went to Leisure Mall,
bought 2 pair of pants for Rm80..
Had my haircut..
By far the shortest haircut i had in 20years of my life..
The hairstylist dude was so damn fair wtf..
Look like my uncle, quite good looking..
And the don't have the gay vibe..
Somehow everytime i'm gonna get a haircut i will get nervous wtf..

Btw, my retarded colleague deleted the printer off the comp..
When i said to her that she deleted it,
she said "No i didn't wtf"..
That is her comp & the printer is for that comp
& she was the only one who has touched the comp today..
The next person who says the problem is me,
is so gonna get strangled

Friday, 10 December 2010

Mocha Ice Blended..

Big deal with Justin Bieber cutting his hair..
Speaking of which,
should i cut my hair?
check out the poll >>
LOL i wanna make it to national news too..

I think iced mocha is most probably my favourite drink..
Last night went out to yamcha with Jackie & QQ..
For the first time she's earlier than us..
Coz she had to go get coloured paper @ mega,
pink kuih @ pasar mlm & i had to bank in @ Cimb Ss2..
Supposed to meet at 8.30 but we reached at about 9.05..
Then we made her wait another 10mins
coz we were getting our drinks and sheperd pie downstairs..
Everyone had their own stuff to complain..
I was complain about my colleague not knowing what personal space is..

Then instead of comforting me or stuff like that,
they kept saying "accept her la"..
We talked and talked until around 11 then Qq left..
Then around 30mins later Jackied dropped me off @ home..
And conclusion is : people do change..
The only thing is, if the change if for the better or worse..

Yes, actually it does..Yes i have obssessive compulsive disorder..
(dont even know wanna say it's severe or minor..)
I almost rip my hair out when > [ > refer to my colleague],
was doing quotation and all the words are not aligned..
> doesnt stapler things according to invoice & page
even though i have told her about a hundred times..
And it also annoys me to the max when she taps
on the calculator so many times..
Example : 12 x 5 + 10488..
12 *taps xxxxx 5 *taps+++++ 10488 =
Walao hen annoying de lor ok..
(even though its not really her fault lol but i just want to rant)
And i have not mentioned that she spelt Seagull as Seda wtf!!

The world is full of mean people..
This dude Alviss Kong (22) commited suicide
after his 18year old girlfriend broke up with him..
(Personally i think its very stupid of him to do so)..
And people at the LowYat forum started a thread on it wtf..
Even though its so quite mean (and lifeless)..
But it was freaking hilarious lor ok..
Please click only if you think you won't get offended..

Thursday, 9 December 2010


I present to you,
Keving Cheng Ka Wing..

Oops wrong picture..
That, by the way is my late grandfather..
Just realised it's been more than a year since he passed away..
Stephen Lee Sen Oh
Oh no this is not gonna turn into an emo post..

This is Kevin Cheng..
(Nice boobs chest and is that wet armpit i spot? LOL)
Kevin Cheng Ka Wing
, (born 15 August 1969)
is a Hong Kong singer and television actor..
He is currently an artist under the management of TVB.
Kevin Cheng rose to fame in late 2004
after his first lead role in Hard Fate as "Ken".
He is best known for his role "Alan" in the 2006 TVB romance drama,
Under The Canopy Of Love,
which also earned him a Best Lead Actor award
at the 2006 TVB Anniversary Awards.

Which makes him 41!!
He's old enough to be my father wtf..

Even though i don't really like him..
I gotta admit he does look quite young for a 41year old apek man..

i think he's gay..
Like, seriously gay..

I don't get why so many women swoon over him..
E:g - Anna, Emily, Jaslyn Khew..
Why don't i like him?
Do i need a reason?
Its like when you love someone you don't really need to have a reason..
Like Justin Bieber who just Needs Somebody To Love..
Anybody works for him LOL..
Despite him getting awards and stuff,
i don't really like his acting..
It's kinda stiff lor ok..
Admit it..

If one day Kevin Cheng decides to come out from the closet,
i wonder what will Bosco's reaction be..
Or maybe they will come out together!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Snsd Jessica was molested?

Read on AllKpop that Jessica the "Ice Princess"
(the picture posted on allkpop don't even look like her wtf..)

See the video and tell me what you think..

I have 2 opinion on this..
1.) The guy might have accidentally brushed up against her
as there were many people there someone might have pushed him..
She was just being dramatic,
since she's a 'princess' and she's from Snsd..
2.) The dude is a fucking perverted old man who should be
shot from bottom up for molesting a girl..
(at least half his age sumore knn)

Even though i hate SNSD
but i hate those fucked up perverted guys even more..
Back in high scholl we used to talk about
how to punish those rapist..
Most of it consists of disgusting
and extreme painful punishments..
Sweet memories..

Here SME denies the rumours
and put blames allkpop..
And i quote,
"With their malicious reports,
allkpop has damaged the image of SNSD."
I seriously doubt the report from allkpop will damage
the 'image' of Snsd lor ok..

Oh crap i talk too much about them these days..

Now that's better..
Someone who is a natural beauty..

People with beautiful heart..
Beautiful face..
Beautiful voice..

In the original version of the fairy tale,
Sleeping Beauty was raped.
^ WTF my childhood was a lie?

Protracted hiccups occur more in men than in women.
The frequency of hiccups for men and women is about the same..
However, in 82% of cases in which men get hiccups,
they are of the variety that is protracted,
or lengthier and more difficult to get rid of.
Typically, women’s hiccups stop much quicker.
Fortunately for both of the sexes,
hiccup frequency decreases as people grow older!
I get long hiccups all the time..
Does that mean i am a man?!

The "silent treatment" can cause physical pain!
Social rejection (like the silent treatment, bullying, etc)
affects the dorsal anterior cingulate cortex.
This is the part of the brain that is active
when a person experiences physical pain.
So next time you try using the silent treatment,
remember you could actually be hurting somebody!

p/s : I'm getting myself the
I *heart* Wonder Girls tee..