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Friday, 29 January 2010

I Love You Even More!!!

I loved Google even more..
Because i found RainbowGoogle.
I was so damn fascinated..
And also
I love you Google..
More than anything..

Yes to Freedom!

Yesterday i went to pasar mlm,
with my dad's approval..
I think he only let me out coz
i've been staying at home for a looooong time..
Saw someone that i didn't want to see..
But didn't see anyone that i wanted to see..
We had Mcd last night..
At the traffic light..
On the road..
In the car..
While on the way to fetch Jaslyn's sister..
And also when we were waiting at Milennium Square for her..
First time eating McD in a car..
And Jaslyn Khew laughed like siao in the car..
(i don't know why)
We even called Joyce to talk crap..
Told her we're in Pg and she believed us..
She might be coming back for Cny..
But i won't be here..

Today someone added me on Fb..
The fella asked me where am i from
and all those normal questions..
One stupid question?
"Does Pj have pet shops?"
Err, what?
Then asked if i've been to S'ban before
and ask to meet if i had time..
Then the fella asked if i had msn..
So exchanged msn..
Said wanted to show me a picture..
You know what the fella showed me?
A picture of a toy poodle (only one part of the face)..
He said wanted to get for the gf..
Then i asked what breed the fella say dono..
*vomit blood*
Asked me to help ask for the price..
Seriously can faint..
People these days..

Thursday, 28 January 2010


i realised there's

i started reading

i hate my boss even more..

i peed more than 10 times..

my colleague bought for me 100Plus..

i had love lunch..

i have gastric..

i woke up earlier than my mom..

i planned to buy a bag online..

is Friday..

i found ‽ (Interrobang)..

i woke up from a dream which i do not want to wake up from..

i realise that she deleted me off her Fb..
And i felt kinda upset..
If i hadn't be so egoistic then myb
thing would've turned out differently?
Sometimes i regret that i was so stubborn..
Kept grudge and wanting revenge..
I do miss her at times..
Things that we always do..
We can finish each others words..
We'd joke about anything..
We go anywhere and everywhere together..
We get angry at one another but
in just awhile everything will be ok..
Too bad i was so childish..
Even now i cant bring myself to talk to her..
Wish that i had more guts..
Seriously miss the times when we were still in school..

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Don't think there will be 大团圆.

Q - Why do kids tell lies?
A - Because of adults..

Normally when childrens tell the truth,
no one will believe them..
Just like my parents/teachers..
Whenever we tell the truth,
they refuse to believe us..
But when we lie, parents just accept it..
So we learned to lie instead of telling the truth..
I think most childrens face this kinda prob..
When you tell the truth,
you get scolded or beaten..
When you lie,
they let you get away with it..
So might as well lie..
And I'm such a pro at telling lies..
whenever i tell the truth no one will believe me..
And whenever i just tell a simple lie,
everyone takes it seriously..
So if you need to hire a liar,
pls contact me..

some of my relatives are giving excuses
not to go back to Kedah for Cny..
Damn men-cb-kan..
What's more important than family?
It's all bullshit ok..
I know sometimes i act like i don't give a shit,
but i know whats truly important..
If my husband ever tells me to not go back
to my family for Cny i will chop his dick off..
2 things u must follow me..
1. Religion
2. Cny must go back to my side..
(damn egoistic i know)
I'm not an extremely religious person,
but i know Jehovah is the one and only true god..
And he's been looking over us and
protecting us ever all this while..
We saw his glory and yet we chose to deny it..
I know its selfish if i choose only to go back to my side for Cny,
but too bad la..
Of course i'm not such a bad person..
Like my aunt,
she goes back to the M-I-L side one or two days before Cny..
And will rush to our side on the night before 1st day of Cny..
Or i can go to M-I-L side after going to my place..
Or they can all come over to my side..
OR find a husband who has no family :x
(don't even have bf, think too much)
Imagine i tell this to the other person during first date..
Don't think so there will be a second date..
The reason i'm so damn pissed was,
when my grandad passed away everyone
said so damn easily that they will definitely be back for Cny..
Gave their word to my uncle..
And now they're breaking it..
If you can't do it,
then don't promise..
You tell everyone its financial problem..
Two of your kids are working..
Your husband is working..
If i believed you, i would chop my head off..

I asked someone how to write tuan yuan in chinese
her reply?
"glutinous rice i think"
then i repeated my question..
Then she told me,
Whereas the one i googled was

So i asked her what's the difference
she told me is the food..
Vomit blood..

Tuan yuan - 团圆
Tang yuan - 汤圆

She needs to see doctor..
Tomorrow i shall post the print screen..
Don't protest..
No use..

Tuesday, 26 January 2010


16days more til i am back in Kedah..
18days more to Cny..
I'm blogging bcoz someone wanted to read my blog so much..
She's too in love with me..
Feels like its been so damn long since
i've last watched movie/sing k..
I wanna go out next month..
I wanna shop,
i wanna watch movie,
i wanna sing k,
i wanna go out..
I really wana change job..
I can die if i have to work here til i'm old..
Like my youngest aunt..
She's been working at the same place
(more or less like mine)
for about 20years i think..
She's about 40?
And she's been working there since 18?
If i were to work there for so damn long i would've run..
I'm so damn bored...

oh btw,
today i found out that i MIGHT be
related to someone from my sch..
Need to go find out if its true or not thou..
Go home ask my dad or wait till Cny to ask my grand aunt..

Monday, 25 January 2010

(Please Insert Title)

Was wondering is it 'title' or 'tittle'..
My english is deteriorating..
Seriously must polish on my english..
If i ever speak like those typical chinese i wil kill myself..
Two nights, while sms-ing my cousins (in Ns)
her friend took my cousins phone to sms me..
And complaing that there's no eng educated people there..
Then she took my number and sms-ed me..
Her english is darn pro..
Much more pro than mine wth..
And we sms-ed whole day til 10pm
coz she had to hand in the phone..
Luckily there was someone to sms with,
or else i'll be bored to death..

on sat i went to Tesco for grocery shopping..
And there was war there..
All the aunties was fighting for ngaku..
In case u didn't know,
this is ngaku (arrowhead something)..


The aunties are so damn scary la ok..
I told my mom no way i'm doing it this year..
For the past two years i'm the only one helping..
And yet my mom so damn kepo after she saw one auntie
who bought 2WHOLE box at the counter..
So she went back to choose..
Then me and my bro was waiting at the childrens department
while playing volleyball that i almost kena cheat to buy..
(I wanted to buy but, let me get back to this..)
Ended up my mom bought 6.3kg..
But i helped her la..
Coz i'm the greastest daughter she'll ever have..
On Sun morning we started peeling at 11am+ and
started frying at 12+pm..
And we finished @ 7+ i think..
Went to eat, then Uncle Henry came with his wife + kids..
Two very adorable daughter who looks like
Dora the Explorer or Boo from Monsters Inc..
Damn cute sia..
And the eldest daughter had a "gift" for me..
A paper with Lion King stickers + Hello Kitty's friend..
Cute til can faint..
And the way the youngest daughter speak..
Comel dao can vomit blood..
Back to the ball..
The price that they wrote was Rm17.95..
So i wanted to buy..
Then played with it and stuff la..
It was a fake Mikasa (damn obvious)..
But when i went to pay,
the cashier said the barcode is not in the system..
And the way she said it its like as if its my fault
that the effing barcode is not in the system..
i was already damn pissed..
Then she asked another guy to check,
when he came back with a barcode the price was Rm98..
you expect me to buy a fake Mikasa for 98?
You think i farking retarded izit?
Mother fker..
If i was gonna buy this for 98 i might as well
add a few bucks for an ori ball..
The original Mikasa is only 100++ la ok..
Aftr that i black face..
Cannot tahan..
I wanna play volleyball..
Cb lang..
wana cheat me..

Saturday, 23 January 2010

seeing red

Somehow when i mentioned that i cut my finger
everyone asked me "paper cut ah?"
Actually no..
Its plastic cut..
Those kinda plastic that erm is used for..
Hard to explain..
I've never gotten a paper cut before..
Coz skin too thick..
Recently i kept feeling hungry even though i just eat..
But i don't know why..
Everytime it reaches 11am..
My f-ing comp starts to hang..
and when it reaches 12pm,
everything is normal again..
And someone important passed away..
(not to me la anyways)
so there will not be any programme on radio..
which makes me extra bored today..
This i can accept..
But every 10mins or so one fella will come out and say
something about consolences or sumtin lidat..
Its freaking annoying hou mou..
Sumore his voice is freaking annoying..
Luckily today work til 1pm nia..
Tried to change blogskin again..
But it doesn't works..
Kinda worried that everything will be gone..
Coz i damn lazy to link back and stuff..
Wanna ask people to help me..
But i'm afraid later turn out not the way i wanted it..
Trusting issues..

Friday, 22 January 2010


I'm bored..
Someone please entertain me..
S.H.E will be on MyFm @ 6pm..
And i forgot to bring earphone today..
And i wana let my hair grow after cny..
i have something in mind..
but i don't know if it will come out as i want..
but i think in the end i will still have the urge to cut it again..
every single time i say i wanna let my hair grow longer,
i will cut it the next week..
Hate myself..

Sejak beberapa hari lepas saya pakai selipar ke tempat kerja..
Kaki saya kena balut..
Kerana kuku saya cacat..
Tak tau pula panggil apa dalam Bahasa Malaysia..
Yang saya tau Bahasa Inggeris dipanggil "ingrown-nail"..
Faham-faham sajalah Bahasa Malaysia saya ni
bukannya fasih sangat..
Kan budak cina tak faham Bahasa Malaysia..
Ish ish ish..
Tak patut betul la..
Dulu masa kat sekolah bila cikgu nak ajar
kau tidur, makan, cakap tak henti-henti..
Pastu buat kacau lagi..
Kalau kacau murid tu takpe la..
Yang ni tak, dia kacau cikgu pula..
Melampau sangat..
Ni nak kena ni..

Kalau dikenang zaman kat sekolah dulu,
gembira sangat la..
Tapi sekarang ni..
Hari-hari kerja aje..
Walaupun takde tekanan tapi saya tak suka kerja dalam pejabat..
Saya lebih suka kalau boleh pergi merata tempat..

Oh ya..
saya ada satu cara untuk mengurang kan tekanan..

Thursday, 21 January 2010


They're here @ Leisure Mall tonight..
I cannot go..
Fml x 1.

They're @ Sg.Wang tomorrow..
I cannot go..
Fml x 2.

They're here on 06/03/10..
I cannot go..
Fml x 3.

And the most important part is....
*drum rolls please*
My aunt is lecturing me via msn..
FML x 1000000000000000...
How i wish my cousin didn't teach her how to use msn..
Dahlah at home kena nag from morning til night..
Now at office oso kena nag..
Damn freaking sien wan lo..
The more you push me the more i wanna rebel..
I hate being forced..
I hate being told what to do,
when i'm about to do it..
Can go fucking insane..

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Yo Gabba Gabba

Is a show for people who are high on drugs..
This morning i was getting ready for work
and i was watching tv while eating..
Usually there's High 5 on tv..
Even though i kinda hate the new cast but
at least better than nothing to watch..
Yo Gabba Gabba was on..
Wtf retarded name..
I think if you're colour blind,
you will be able to see colour after watchin this show..
Or you can just go to their website..
I know this is a show for kids,
but i like to watch kids show..
And this is more like a show for people who have brain damage..

Everyone knows i love orange colour..
But orange and black does not go together..
(no offence)
And he looks freaking gay lor ok..
And what's with the sideburn..

The characters look ok except for the green one..
The unibrow i can accept..
But the mouth/smile looks freak..
She looks like she can swallow me anytime..
And the thing is,
one of the character have a very very VERY annoying..
when she sing, she sounds like a cat got roll over by a car..


Double WTF..

Look at her..
Tell me she looks sober..
This is just one part..
I watched this on tv this morning..
my reaction?
Their songs..
They should hire a better song writer..
it repeats the same line over and over and over again..

This morning i heard this song..
i got so annoyed..
If you watch this you seriously will go crazy..
I was looking for other show but there was nothing on..
So i was stuck watching this annoying myself..
Go watch if you don't believe me..

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

My Best Friend

Everytime someone asks me something,
i will answer "ask google"..
i LOVE Google alot..
Imagine if the same thing that happened to China
happens to Malaysia..
(don't know why but recently i keep doin *gasp* its like damn bimbotic.. sure must be the bad influence from someone)
I will die if there is no google..
if there is no google internet oso no use d..
*cries histerically*

i wanted to google something just now..
I accidentally typed in "V"..
And the results that came out..

Just typed in a "V"..
Video Seks Melayu.
Video Lucah.
Video Seks.
Video Lucah Melayu.
4/10 is porn..
What is wrong with people these days..
And i don't understand why must melayu..
When people watch porn do they
choose the race + nationality?

Somehow i'm wanting to buy boots..
Not those kind of leather boots..
The other day when i mentioned that i wanna get boots,
my mom was like;
"Your leg so short wear boots d will look even shorter"

Don't ask me why i wanna get these..
I just feel like ok..

My 9 year old cousin smsed me using her mom's fon..
her mom smsed me..
She asked me to msn her..
Tech - savvy mom..
Then lectured me chatted awhile..
Suddenly she talked about my grandad..
Which makes me emo..
And she tell me she's crying..
double emo..
i was in the office la pls..
make me wana cry in office and even got tears..

Monday, 18 January 2010


Had planned on making steamboat for the longest time..
And yesterday finally we made..
The amount of food we consume was erm......
On sat night went to shop for clothes (again)..
Bought a pair of jeans + 2 boxers..
Finally i am done with shopping..
Sun morning followed my mom to pasar,
bought the stuff, go home and cook..
Then we eat..

We had Chee Cheong Fun + rice also..
Seriously damn nice..
We ate sooooo much..
I think each of us gained 5kg.. Wtf..
Went to pasar mlm at night,
then Jaslyn asked me to go Mega pasar mlm..
Asked my mom and she let..
Finally i get to go meet my friend..
But my sis was there la..
So abit turn off..
And i bought another pair of pants..
So nice + comfy..
I like..
Even though my shopping is done,
i will still look around..
Damn it, i still feel like buying shoes..
I actually bought 3pairs of shoes,
but i worn 2 already..
3 pairs costs about Rm180 more or less..
Clothings is about Rm250 more or less..
Total = Rm430..

p/s : i finally watched 2012..
was nice la..
but at parts kinda not logic..
and the ending was stupid,
at least for me la..

Thursday, 14 January 2010


They asked, "How does it feel to love someone who loves someone else?"
After a deep breath, I answered,
"Its like hugging a cactus, The tighter you embrace, The more it hurts"

People will forget what you said.
People will forget what you did.
People will never forget how you make them feel.

"Sometimes,you have to accept the fact that
some people are going to stay in your heart forever..
Even if you are gone in theirs"

"Love is just a lie, made to make you blue"

"Its hard when you don't know what caused your sadness
but its even harder when you know what makes you happy,
yet you cant do anything to have it.."

"Crazy as it happens...You keep going right back to one thing you need to walk away from.."

"If you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love."

"Sometimes you have to put walls around you;|
not to keep people out,
but to see who cares enough to break them down just to be with you."

"Sometimes, people choose to leave not because of selfish reasons
but because they know that things will get worse if they stay.."

"To love someone out of loneliness will only bring you
more loneliness as if you have never loved anyone,
not even yourself."

"It's not wrong to give it all for love,
it's not wrong to love a person so much.
Sometimes, the only thing wrong is the person you chose to love.."

"You can't make something feel right when you know that it's wrong."

"Don't fall for someone unless he/she is willing to catch you."

"To love someone who can never love you back is like
striving to get a perfect score in a non-recorded exam."

"The only reason you can die for someone is because you don't want to live without that person."

"As a rose can't live without the rain, so a heart can't love without the risk of pain."

"Don't worry about people in the past.
There is a reason why they did not make it into your future."

"If the heart is willing to love, it will find a thousand ways... otherwise, it will find a thousand alibis.."

"To love with all your heart... is to even risk losing it."

"There are times when it's better to choose to love a person in silence,
for in silence, you will find no rejection.
Likewise, it's sometimes better to choose to love a person in dreams,
for in dreams no one owns her, but you"

"Staying with someone you really love even if you know
you two can't be together for a lot of reasons is like standing under the rain.
It feels good but you know it will soon make you sick."

"What was everything is always nothing when it's gone."

"Love is just a word until you find someone who will give its definition."

"Sometimes, you don't realize how much you care for someone until she stops caring for you."

"Oftentimes, you are not really afraid of loving someone.
You're just afraid of not being loved back."

"Love recognizes no barriers.
It jumps over hurdles, leaps fences,
penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope."

I always knew looking back on the tears would make me laugh,
but I never knew looking back on the laughs would make me cry.

"Love is... giving someone the power to break your heart, but trusting her/him not to."

"One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can't utter."

Someone asked me,
"Why do you keep loving someone who doesn't love you back?
There are tons of fish in the water."
I simply replied,
"Just because it's also water, would you drink from the sea?"

Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Yesterday my mom said to me in hokkien,
"you damn dumb wan la dono how to take peoples heart"
referring to my dad la..
Pls la i don wanna be a fake ass ok..
Hypocrite like hell lo ok..

I like this shot..
Shaddap and don't ask me why..
This was few days before i cut my hair..

The body part that i love most,
obviously is my hair..
And my belongings that i love most,
my shoes..
I think everyone knows that..
Jaslyn Khew said that i'm worse than a girl..
Coz i keep saying i wana buy shoe..
i'm constantly getting new shoes..
Last time i used to love getting caps..
But now it's shoes..
new shoes of course..

i jz realised it's not good to wax the fringe up..
When ur in the acond room for a long time,
the cold air will push de oil out (wtf)
then ur fore head will be oily..
And it looks damn geli lo ok..

Some people are so damn weird..
My company sells acond & spare parts..
some people come asking for reload card and phone..
Most recent ones are dvd player and also,
zadao like hell..
Outside my office got damn alot of acond posters..
And also air-cond brand sticker..
if they dono how to read oso noe how acond look like gua?
damn zadao like hell..
people these days..

I think the internet hates my mrs boss..
Every single time she goes out the connection damn fast..
but once she comes back to office everything lags..
even my msn was disconnected..
Fb + email + blog all cant load..
Thank god she left already..

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Didn't manage to update my blog yesterday..
The stupid connection went on a trip..
And made me suffer..
Everyone keeps messaging me,
asking me am i on leave or something..
I'm so loved by my friends..

I was googling something,
Saw something..

Every thing that i had wanted to say..

On Tomboyism
Council chairperson Abdul Shukor had said that
many young women admired the way men dress,
behave and socialise,
violating human nature and denying their feminity.

“It is unacceptable to see women who love the
male lifestyle including dressing in the clothes men wear,”
Abdul Shukor was quoted as saying.

About this tomboyism thing.
This dressing in ‘male clothes’ and ’short hair’ and all that.
People don’t just suddenly change their sexual preference through dressing.

If I’m not mistaken,
Islam teaches that women be properly covered up.
If male clothes still allow women to be properly covered up,
what’s wrong with that?

And short hair.
What in the WORLD can be wrong with short hair?
Especially in a climate like Malaysia’s
that’s hot and humid all year through,
short hair happens to be the easiest hairstyle to manage!
And having short hair does NOT change a person from straight to lesbian,
despite what the people in the National Fatwa Council might think.

I think that as long as it does not cause harm
or detriment to another party,
how a person dresses should not be under the control of someone else.

I don’t know if I’m reading too much into this,
but it reeks of sexist discrimination to me.
Because tomboyism is targetted at women,
and yoga is an exercise mostly done by women.
Women these days too liberal for their liking?

Some people they have no life..
So what other people does they wants to control..
Every single thing they have to take control..
They way we walk, talk, sit, stand, eat, shit
also they wanna control..
I wanna go out, have to be interviewed..
Who you going with?
What time?
Do what?
I talk on the phone..
Who was that?
How you know him/her?
Watch movie oso wana control..
Listen to song oso wana nag..
Different people have different taste la pls..
Just because you don't like it doesn't mean i cant..
Please don't be so narrow minded la ok..
It's not like when i listen to those hip-hip or
R&B songs people will get hurt..
Every single thing that i do is wrong in your eyes..
Everything i say is wrong..
I'm not those kind of people who knows how to polish shoes,
sweet talk or act like as if i'm so damn f***ing innocent..
I'm gonna be 20 this year,
not 2 not 12..
TWENTY (wtf i feel so old)..
Don't treat me like a kid can onot..
You guys are so damn over protective..
Sudah melebih..
I know what is good and what is bad..
I wanna make my own mistakes..
I don't wanna listen to you telling me about
your mistakes when you were young..
So in the future i have to tell my kid
"your grandparents used to tell me that ... (insert experience) "..
Kids ask "How bout you?"..
Me : Err.. i didn't have a life back then..
i only listened to them telling me their experience"..

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Don't Laugh..

I actually wanted to blog about something else..
But i forgot bcoz the damn accountant came..
Kacau nia..
Everytime wana use my pc to do work..

Since everyone asking me about my hair...
Actually it's not much difference lo..
Jz shorter nia..
And the brown cant really see..
Must under the sun only can see..

This is how my parents want my hair to look like..
I'm ok with it if i'm at home..
I dont want to go out like this..
btw that's my Taman S.E.A co-op shirt..
i think it's 2005 shirt?
Damn long din go back sch..
I constantly dream about going back to sch wan lor..

And this is how i always wax my hair..
But the fringe is not that way la of coz..
My parents hate my hair alot ok..

Actually i like to stand my fringe up..
Ala Adam Lambert or Astro Boy..
And i hate my skin colour..
Damn fair ok..
Like dead ppl..
but not use wan..
Last time when i played volleyball my skin even turned
RED from standing under the sun too long..
But after few months stil fair as hell..
I love my hair alot ok..
I wanna play with it..
i hate long hair..
if tie up always the same..
If let down freaking hot lo pls..
i damn afraid of heat ok..
Can die..
I dehydrate before sumore..
if i'm playing games outdoor stil ok..
But urrgghh!
Damn freaking annoying when the hair gets in your face..
And it takes ages to dry..
If short hair damn fast gao dim lo..

Friday, 8 January 2010


I'm lazy to blog..
But someone pressuring me to update..

Q - What would you do it your bf/gf
didn't pick up your call for 1day + 1 night?
Even though he/she did this before but for few hours only..
Even though the friends also called but no one picked up..
Called the house but the family says the person not at home..
Called the school but the person said not sure if they were at sch..

If me..
I don't know what i will do..
But being the childish me..
i think i would ignore the fella back for few days/hours..
At least i admit i'm childish wert..

You know wert?
I love my friends..
Seriously lor..
I am grounded..
And they missed me so much that they
actually wanted to come yumcha outside my house..
Literally outside my house..
They were ready to tapao food for me..