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Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Didn't manage to update my blog yesterday..
The stupid connection went on a trip..
And made me suffer..
Everyone keeps messaging me,
asking me am i on leave or something..
I'm so loved by my friends..

I was googling something,
Saw something..

Every thing that i had wanted to say..

On Tomboyism
Council chairperson Abdul Shukor had said that
many young women admired the way men dress,
behave and socialise,
violating human nature and denying their feminity.

“It is unacceptable to see women who love the
male lifestyle including dressing in the clothes men wear,”
Abdul Shukor was quoted as saying.

About this tomboyism thing.
This dressing in ‘male clothes’ and ’short hair’ and all that.
People don’t just suddenly change their sexual preference through dressing.

If I’m not mistaken,
Islam teaches that women be properly covered up.
If male clothes still allow women to be properly covered up,
what’s wrong with that?

And short hair.
What in the WORLD can be wrong with short hair?
Especially in a climate like Malaysia’s
that’s hot and humid all year through,
short hair happens to be the easiest hairstyle to manage!
And having short hair does NOT change a person from straight to lesbian,
despite what the people in the National Fatwa Council might think.

I think that as long as it does not cause harm
or detriment to another party,
how a person dresses should not be under the control of someone else.

I don’t know if I’m reading too much into this,
but it reeks of sexist discrimination to me.
Because tomboyism is targetted at women,
and yoga is an exercise mostly done by women.
Women these days too liberal for their liking?

Some people they have no life..
So what other people does they wants to control..
Every single thing they have to take control..
They way we walk, talk, sit, stand, eat, shit
also they wanna control..
I wanna go out, have to be interviewed..
Who you going with?
What time?
Do what?
I talk on the phone..
Who was that?
How you know him/her?
Watch movie oso wana control..
Listen to song oso wana nag..
Different people have different taste la pls..
Just because you don't like it doesn't mean i cant..
Please don't be so narrow minded la ok..
It's not like when i listen to those hip-hip or
R&B songs people will get hurt..
Every single thing that i do is wrong in your eyes..
Everything i say is wrong..
I'm not those kind of people who knows how to polish shoes,
sweet talk or act like as if i'm so damn f***ing innocent..
I'm gonna be 20 this year,
not 2 not 12..
TWENTY (wtf i feel so old)..
Don't treat me like a kid can onot..
You guys are so damn over protective..
Sudah melebih..
I know what is good and what is bad..
I wanna make my own mistakes..
I don't wanna listen to you telling me about
your mistakes when you were young..
So in the future i have to tell my kid
"your grandparents used to tell me that ... (insert experience) "..
Kids ask "How bout you?"..
Me : Err.. i didn't have a life back then..
i only listened to them telling me their experience"..

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