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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Don't Laugh..

I actually wanted to blog about something else..
But i forgot bcoz the damn accountant came..
Kacau nia..
Everytime wana use my pc to do work..

Since everyone asking me about my hair...
Actually it's not much difference lo..
Jz shorter nia..
And the brown cant really see..
Must under the sun only can see..

This is how my parents want my hair to look like..
I'm ok with it if i'm at home..
I dont want to go out like this..
btw that's my Taman S.E.A co-op shirt..
i think it's 2005 shirt?
Damn long din go back sch..
I constantly dream about going back to sch wan lor..

And this is how i always wax my hair..
But the fringe is not that way la of coz..
My parents hate my hair alot ok..

Actually i like to stand my fringe up..
Ala Adam Lambert or Astro Boy..
And i hate my skin colour..
Damn fair ok..
Like dead ppl..
but not use wan..
Last time when i played volleyball my skin even turned
RED from standing under the sun too long..
But after few months stil fair as hell..
I love my hair alot ok..
I wanna play with it..
i hate long hair..
if tie up always the same..
If let down freaking hot lo pls..
i damn afraid of heat ok..
Can die..
I dehydrate before sumore..
if i'm playing games outdoor stil ok..
But urrgghh!
Damn freaking annoying when the hair gets in your face..
And it takes ages to dry..
If short hair damn fast gao dim lo..

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