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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Don't think there will be 大团圆.

Q - Why do kids tell lies?
A - Because of adults..

Normally when childrens tell the truth,
no one will believe them..
Just like my parents/teachers..
Whenever we tell the truth,
they refuse to believe us..
But when we lie, parents just accept it..
So we learned to lie instead of telling the truth..
I think most childrens face this kinda prob..
When you tell the truth,
you get scolded or beaten..
When you lie,
they let you get away with it..
So might as well lie..
And I'm such a pro at telling lies..
whenever i tell the truth no one will believe me..
And whenever i just tell a simple lie,
everyone takes it seriously..
So if you need to hire a liar,
pls contact me..

some of my relatives are giving excuses
not to go back to Kedah for Cny..
Damn men-cb-kan..
What's more important than family?
It's all bullshit ok..
I know sometimes i act like i don't give a shit,
but i know whats truly important..
If my husband ever tells me to not go back
to my family for Cny i will chop his dick off..
2 things u must follow me..
1. Religion
2. Cny must go back to my side..
(damn egoistic i know)
I'm not an extremely religious person,
but i know Jehovah is the one and only true god..
And he's been looking over us and
protecting us ever all this while..
We saw his glory and yet we chose to deny it..
I know its selfish if i choose only to go back to my side for Cny,
but too bad la..
Of course i'm not such a bad person..
Like my aunt,
she goes back to the M-I-L side one or two days before Cny..
And will rush to our side on the night before 1st day of Cny..
Or i can go to M-I-L side after going to my place..
Or they can all come over to my side..
OR find a husband who has no family :x
(don't even have bf, think too much)
Imagine i tell this to the other person during first date..
Don't think so there will be a second date..
The reason i'm so damn pissed was,
when my grandad passed away everyone
said so damn easily that they will definitely be back for Cny..
Gave their word to my uncle..
And now they're breaking it..
If you can't do it,
then don't promise..
You tell everyone its financial problem..
Two of your kids are working..
Your husband is working..
If i believed you, i would chop my head off..

I asked someone how to write tuan yuan in chinese
her reply?
"glutinous rice i think"
then i repeated my question..
Then she told me,
Whereas the one i googled was

So i asked her what's the difference
she told me is the food..
Vomit blood..

Tuan yuan - 团圆
Tang yuan - 汤圆

She needs to see doctor..
Tomorrow i shall post the print screen..
Don't protest..
No use..

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