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Thursday, 21 January 2010


They're here @ Leisure Mall tonight..
I cannot go..
Fml x 1.

They're @ Sg.Wang tomorrow..
I cannot go..
Fml x 2.

They're here on 06/03/10..
I cannot go..
Fml x 3.

And the most important part is....
*drum rolls please*
My aunt is lecturing me via msn..
FML x 1000000000000000...
How i wish my cousin didn't teach her how to use msn..
Dahlah at home kena nag from morning til night..
Now at office oso kena nag..
Damn freaking sien wan lo..
The more you push me the more i wanna rebel..
I hate being forced..
I hate being told what to do,
when i'm about to do it..
Can go fucking insane..

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