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Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Yesterday my mom said to me in hokkien,
"you damn dumb wan la dono how to take peoples heart"
referring to my dad la..
Pls la i don wanna be a fake ass ok..
Hypocrite like hell lo ok..

I like this shot..
Shaddap and don't ask me why..
This was few days before i cut my hair..

The body part that i love most,
obviously is my hair..
And my belongings that i love most,
my shoes..
I think everyone knows that..
Jaslyn Khew said that i'm worse than a girl..
Coz i keep saying i wana buy shoe..
i'm constantly getting new shoes..
Last time i used to love getting caps..
But now it's shoes..
new shoes of course..

i jz realised it's not good to wax the fringe up..
When ur in the acond room for a long time,
the cold air will push de oil out (wtf)
then ur fore head will be oily..
And it looks damn geli lo ok..

Some people are so damn weird..
My company sells acond & spare parts..
some people come asking for reload card and phone..
Most recent ones are dvd player and also,
zadao like hell..
Outside my office got damn alot of acond posters..
And also air-cond brand sticker..
if they dono how to read oso noe how acond look like gua?
damn zadao like hell..
people these days..

I think the internet hates my mrs boss..
Every single time she goes out the connection damn fast..
but once she comes back to office everything lags..
even my msn was disconnected..
Fb + email + blog all cant load..
Thank god she left already..

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