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Monday, 18 January 2010


Had planned on making steamboat for the longest time..
And yesterday finally we made..
The amount of food we consume was erm......
On sat night went to shop for clothes (again)..
Bought a pair of jeans + 2 boxers..
Finally i am done with shopping..
Sun morning followed my mom to pasar,
bought the stuff, go home and cook..
Then we eat..

We had Chee Cheong Fun + rice also..
Seriously damn nice..
We ate sooooo much..
I think each of us gained 5kg.. Wtf..
Went to pasar mlm at night,
then Jaslyn asked me to go Mega pasar mlm..
Asked my mom and she let..
Finally i get to go meet my friend..
But my sis was there la..
So abit turn off..
And i bought another pair of pants..
So nice + comfy..
I like..
Even though my shopping is done,
i will still look around..
Damn it, i still feel like buying shoes..
I actually bought 3pairs of shoes,
but i worn 2 already..
3 pairs costs about Rm180 more or less..
Clothings is about Rm250 more or less..
Total = Rm430..

p/s : i finally watched 2012..
was nice la..
but at parts kinda not logic..
and the ending was stupid,
at least for me la..

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