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Saturday, 2 January 2010

I'm Back.

On 27th went for a small gathering,
and to celebrate Voon Hongs b'day..
First went to Wong Gei,
then Library@Curve..
Finally met Siew Peng + Pik Woon after 1year..

The one in blue is getting married..
We're colour coordinated.. (almost)

Since i was on leave for one week,
i decided to follow my parents to work..
Ended up with..
Two shade of skin colour..

And the tang yuan that i made,
forgot to post this up..
So nice kan..

For the whole week i only eat, sleep,
shit, watch Stephen Chow's movie over and over,
follow my parents to work, eat, sleep,
And also shopping..
I'm almost done with my Cny shopping..
I bought another pair of shoe @ TimesSq..
Its the slip-on that i've been looking for forever..
Black and white..
Loving it..
I have 3 pairs of new shoe..
And Jaslyn said i'm worse than a girl..
Not really lo..
My sis has more pair of heels than me..
Went to Leisure Mall to cut my hair yesterday..
also ate the most nicest Char Siew Rice
that i havent eaten in a long time..

i have plans..
after cny..
i plan to.....

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