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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Jaslyn Khew

Anyone wanna hire me?
I wanna change job..
after Cny i will flee..
After cny i MUST get my license..
if i don't get it i will eat sand..

I dyed my hair..
And the sides are damn short..
And i love my hair..
even though the colour is not what i had in mind..

Jaslyn Khew said to me..
"Eh i wonder how we met last time"..
We met @ School same class in Form2..
But i was sitting with Rachel and she sat with TTL..
at two different sides of the world..
Somehow i ended up sitting in front of her..
I jz realised i've known her for 5years plus..
Then we kept disturbing the girl (nerd) next to me..
We're both damn mischiveous lo..
Then we forced her to change place..
after that me, jas, rach and TTL
became one group..
We skip classed together..
Disturbed people together..
Then we went different class when were in Form3..
We talked less and become hi-bye friends..
Then who would've known that we would
be in the same class in Form4..
i bet the teachers regretted putting us in the same class..
Together with Joyce and Ivy..
All the teachers almost died i guess..
We skipped class, slept in class, talk non stop..
joined volleyball, walk back together, disturb people,
breaking school rules almost everyday,
run from sch after exam finished just to go Caltex to have HotCup,
sms non-stop, act like sakais got punished together..
There are lots more i think.. haha..
I think until now we both haven't grow up..
When we go out we're still acting like small kids..

i think this is the only pic we've taken together..
And this is not even intentional..
She was SS-ing then i jumped in..
i feel we both look retarded in the pic..
She loves to annoy me..
And i love to annoy her..
and her name appeared the most on this blog..
We always hang together..
And even took more than 1hour to get to NZX
from my house because we don't know the way
but insisted to go there..
We only need about 15-20mins more or less i guess..
Plus there was not much cars on the road..
We reach there to decide to go back to Ming Tian..
She also saw my ugliest side..
Which is when i was cutting my hair..
*hides face*
Joyce together with her was snapping pics like hell
and laughing their heads off..
She came to my house for the first time last year
and got bitten by my hamster..
dai sei..
hands itchy sumore la..

let's go pasar mlm after i'm not grounded anymore..
And when i move out rite,
we stay together..
We force joyce + nic to stay with us..

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