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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

My Best Friend

Everytime someone asks me something,
i will answer "ask google"..
i LOVE Google alot..
Imagine if the same thing that happened to China
happens to Malaysia..
(don't know why but recently i keep doin *gasp* its like damn bimbotic.. sure must be the bad influence from someone)
I will die if there is no google..
if there is no google internet oso no use d..
*cries histerically*

i wanted to google something just now..
I accidentally typed in "V"..
And the results that came out..

Just typed in a "V"..
Video Seks Melayu.
Video Lucah.
Video Seks.
Video Lucah Melayu.
4/10 is porn..
What is wrong with people these days..
And i don't understand why must melayu..
When people watch porn do they
choose the race + nationality?

Somehow i'm wanting to buy boots..
Not those kind of leather boots..
The other day when i mentioned that i wanna get boots,
my mom was like;
"Your leg so short wear boots d will look even shorter"

Don't ask me why i wanna get these..
I just feel like ok..

My 9 year old cousin smsed me using her mom's fon..
her mom smsed me..
She asked me to msn her..
Tech - savvy mom..
Then lectured me chatted awhile..
Suddenly she talked about my grandad..
Which makes me emo..
And she tell me she's crying..
double emo..
i was in the office la pls..
make me wana cry in office and even got tears..

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