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Monday, 25 January 2010

(Please Insert Title)

Was wondering is it 'title' or 'tittle'..
My english is deteriorating..
Seriously must polish on my english..
If i ever speak like those typical chinese i wil kill myself..
Two nights, while sms-ing my cousins (in Ns)
her friend took my cousins phone to sms me..
And complaing that there's no eng educated people there..
Then she took my number and sms-ed me..
Her english is darn pro..
Much more pro than mine wth..
And we sms-ed whole day til 10pm
coz she had to hand in the phone..
Luckily there was someone to sms with,
or else i'll be bored to death..

on sat i went to Tesco for grocery shopping..
And there was war there..
All the aunties was fighting for ngaku..
In case u didn't know,
this is ngaku (arrowhead something)..


The aunties are so damn scary la ok..
I told my mom no way i'm doing it this year..
For the past two years i'm the only one helping..
And yet my mom so damn kepo after she saw one auntie
who bought 2WHOLE box at the counter..
So she went back to choose..
Then me and my bro was waiting at the childrens department
while playing volleyball that i almost kena cheat to buy..
(I wanted to buy but, let me get back to this..)
Ended up my mom bought 6.3kg..
But i helped her la..
Coz i'm the greastest daughter she'll ever have..
On Sun morning we started peeling at 11am+ and
started frying at 12+pm..
And we finished @ 7+ i think..
Went to eat, then Uncle Henry came with his wife + kids..
Two very adorable daughter who looks like
Dora the Explorer or Boo from Monsters Inc..
Damn cute sia..
And the eldest daughter had a "gift" for me..
A paper with Lion King stickers + Hello Kitty's friend..
Cute til can faint..
And the way the youngest daughter speak..
Comel dao can vomit blood..
Back to the ball..
The price that they wrote was Rm17.95..
So i wanted to buy..
Then played with it and stuff la..
It was a fake Mikasa (damn obvious)..
But when i went to pay,
the cashier said the barcode is not in the system..
And the way she said it its like as if its my fault
that the effing barcode is not in the system..
i was already damn pissed..
Then she asked another guy to check,
when he came back with a barcode the price was Rm98..
you expect me to buy a fake Mikasa for 98?
You think i farking retarded izit?
Mother fker..
If i was gonna buy this for 98 i might as well
add a few bucks for an ori ball..
The original Mikasa is only 100++ la ok..
Aftr that i black face..
Cannot tahan..
I wanna play volleyball..
Cb lang..
wana cheat me..

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