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Tuesday, 26 January 2010


16days more til i am back in Kedah..
18days more to Cny..
I'm blogging bcoz someone wanted to read my blog so much..
She's too in love with me..
Feels like its been so damn long since
i've last watched movie/sing k..
I wanna go out next month..
I wanna shop,
i wanna watch movie,
i wanna sing k,
i wanna go out..
I really wana change job..
I can die if i have to work here til i'm old..
Like my youngest aunt..
She's been working at the same place
(more or less like mine)
for about 20years i think..
She's about 40?
And she's been working there since 18?
If i were to work there for so damn long i would've run..
I'm so damn bored...

oh btw,
today i found out that i MIGHT be
related to someone from my sch..
Need to go find out if its true or not thou..
Go home ask my dad or wait till Cny to ask my grand aunt..

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