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Saturday, 23 January 2010

seeing red

Somehow when i mentioned that i cut my finger
everyone asked me "paper cut ah?"
Actually no..
Its plastic cut..
Those kinda plastic that erm is used for..
Hard to explain..
I've never gotten a paper cut before..
Coz skin too thick..
Recently i kept feeling hungry even though i just eat..
But i don't know why..
Everytime it reaches 11am..
My f-ing comp starts to hang..
and when it reaches 12pm,
everything is normal again..
And someone important passed away..
(not to me la anyways)
so there will not be any programme on radio..
which makes me extra bored today..
This i can accept..
But every 10mins or so one fella will come out and say
something about consolences or sumtin lidat..
Its freaking annoying hou mou..
Sumore his voice is freaking annoying..
Luckily today work til 1pm nia..
Tried to change blogskin again..
But it doesn't works..
Kinda worried that everything will be gone..
Coz i damn lazy to link back and stuff..
Wanna ask people to help me..
But i'm afraid later turn out not the way i wanted it..
Trusting issues..

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