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Friday, 8 January 2010


I'm lazy to blog..
But someone pressuring me to update..

Q - What would you do it your bf/gf
didn't pick up your call for 1day + 1 night?
Even though he/she did this before but for few hours only..
Even though the friends also called but no one picked up..
Called the house but the family says the person not at home..
Called the school but the person said not sure if they were at sch..

If me..
I don't know what i will do..
But being the childish me..
i think i would ignore the fella back for few days/hours..
At least i admit i'm childish wert..

You know wert?
I love my friends..
Seriously lor..
I am grounded..
And they missed me so much that they
actually wanted to come yumcha outside my house..
Literally outside my house..
They were ready to tapao food for me..

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