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Friday, 29 January 2010

Yes to Freedom!

Yesterday i went to pasar mlm,
with my dad's approval..
I think he only let me out coz
i've been staying at home for a looooong time..
Saw someone that i didn't want to see..
But didn't see anyone that i wanted to see..
We had Mcd last night..
At the traffic light..
On the road..
In the car..
While on the way to fetch Jaslyn's sister..
And also when we were waiting at Milennium Square for her..
First time eating McD in a car..
And Jaslyn Khew laughed like siao in the car..
(i don't know why)
We even called Joyce to talk crap..
Told her we're in Pg and she believed us..
She might be coming back for Cny..
But i won't be here..

Today someone added me on Fb..
The fella asked me where am i from
and all those normal questions..
One stupid question?
"Does Pj have pet shops?"
Err, what?
Then asked if i've been to S'ban before
and ask to meet if i had time..
Then the fella asked if i had msn..
So exchanged msn..
Said wanted to show me a picture..
You know what the fella showed me?
A picture of a toy poodle (only one part of the face)..
He said wanted to get for the gf..
Then i asked what breed the fella say dono..
*vomit blood*
Asked me to help ask for the price..
Seriously can faint..
People these days..

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