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Thursday, 25 February 2010


Went to see the doc yesterday..
Took Mc then went back home..
Took my meds, then watched Cirque Du Freak..
Wasn't as nice as i expected it to be..
Then went to sleep..
For the first time i ate my
cough syrup in under 5mins..
normally i would just stare at it
and force myself to swallow it after 30mins..
Now is the part where i scream
"ah ma, ngo dai gor lui zho ah"
I feel like being a kid but
i wanna be a grown up at the same time..

And my damn colleague keeps asking me
to make phone calls..
Even though her english + malay + chinese sucks
but that doesn't mean she's allowed to keep asking me
to make phone calls for her..

Did i mention that all my hamsters died?
Bring back to Kedah weather too hot all died..
Born there die there..
Less than half a year i think..
But i planning to buy another hamster..
Syrian hamster..
Cuter + tamer than the one i used to have..
Obviously my mom is objecting..
But there's nothing she can do about it
since its my own money..
But i also want a fish..
But i think hamster is alot better than fish..
Coz i can play with it..

Monday, 22 February 2010

BACK (not in black)

to work..
not too happy about it..
Cz had been off since last fri..
I reached Kedah on Fri morning about 4am?
After bathing and all,
went to sleep..
Parents woke up at 8?
Mom went to pasar with aunt
while my dad went to clean my grandad's house..
After my mom came back,
we started cleaning,cutting,chopping the veggies + meat..
Then later that day we started cooking til late nite..
Then i dont reli remember other stuff..
All i remember that i did there was help to cut + wash,
eat, play, play, eat, colour some colouring book,
play with plastiscine, eat, play, eat, play..
Went to arcade to play with my bro + 4 other cousin..
And one of the night me,bro+Jacob (cousin)
was trying to act lala and took pics there was also emo
and pondan pics..
Funny as hell..
And i also got sick during the 3rd day i think..
Fever + flu + cough + sore throat + nose bleed..
Jessica my cousin is so damn cute..
She keeps asking us to stay longer..
And keeps asking me to take her to arcade,
buy Jojo for her and stuff like that..
And the best part of all is,
i was running around the whole kampung in my boxers only..
I only went back to Perak for one day..
Reached there on thurs night and left on Fri night..
That side of my family is less warm i guess..
i found out my cousin plays volleyball
and that she has facebook..

Yesterday went to Karmen' house
for a small gathering / open house..
It was fun..
Been a long time since we hung out..
Talked alot, laughed alot..
Waiting for the next gathering..
And my nose bleed wth..
Play gamt til too excited
+ all wear too sexy (yeah rite used to it d)..
i've seen worse lo ok.

This Cny is mostly filled with unhappy stuff cz of some people..
I will never understand why some people
just love to tell lies and backstab and create stories
to hurt other people..
Please use your brain to think..
And use your heart to feel..
Be rational..
Dont listen to one side..
You've never lived with that person you will
never know who that person reli is..
You've never been accused by that person
you wont know how it feels..
I know how it feels..
i treat them like how a family should treat each other,
and yet what did she do?
She created stories and tell lies to everyone..
And her kids?
Expert at lying and stealing..
Now i still treat her with respect,
treat her kids like how i treat everyone else..
And they're still telling lies and spinning stories
accusing other people..
Given her chances after chances
and she still repeats the same thing over again..
Cny is supposed to be the time for everyone to get together,
but she made everyone split up..
And some fools actually believed what she said..
Seriously wonder where they kept their brain..
If u have anything in your mind then speak it out..
If you believe that we are the kind of people that
live on other people's support, if you believe we are those
who look down on the poor and boot lick those who are rich,
if you believe that we are hypocrites,
if you believe that we are what she say we are,
then i have nothing to say..

p/s - emilyt thinks i am a Tb pimp

p/p/s - i bought Tiger Wohoo Dvd..

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Cny!

۞ ♥*´`*• ¸▒ 合 家 平 安 ▒¸ •*´`*♥ ۞
۞ ♥*´`*• ¸▒ 吉 祥 如 意 ▒¸ •*´`*♥ ۞
۞ ♥*´`*• ¸▒ 身 体 安 康 ▒¸ •*´`*♥ ۞

Thursday, 11 February 2010


Today made a bet with EmilyT
(my future cousin sis-in-law)..
If i can stand not cutting my hair for half a year
she will buy me 5 Chupa Chups..
And if i cant do so i will have to buy her
Bueno White..
Kinda childish right..
But the bet is on..
The longest i didnt cut my hair was 4monhts..
Due date is 11Aug2010..

my bro bought me a T-Shirt..
Its from Bossini..
You see even though we always fight
like crazy..
and even throw stuff,
but we will be ok again..
Buy stuff for one another and taking
each other out for meal..
But the thing is my dad dont understand..
Every siblings in this world fights..
Even he will quarrel with his sisters
and they're all over 40..

i'm going back to Kedah..
Getting more excited..
Don't miss me ya..
Will be gone for the next whole week...

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


I'm was damn sleepy..
All bcoz the radio some stupid slow song..
Didn't even realise what song it was
until i started yawning..
It was a song from Hins..
After listening to that song i kept yawning
like there was no tomorrow..
I went and fax a quotation,
then called up to see if they received it..
Insted of asking "Did you receive my fax?"
i said "Did you receive my cheque"..
i laughed, the girl on the phone laughed,
my colleague laughed and ask me
"you have so many cheque to give them?"

I seriously hate the new facebook layout..
Its like facebook is getting tired of
people using their service
and is trying to make us hate facebook
so that we wont use it..

I finished packing my bag!!
Its like i dump every piece of clothes i have in the bag..
And i'm bringing 3pairs of shoes back..
No more dilemma..
I'm leaving tomorrow..
Cant wait to go back..
Even though this year there was a lil turn off
but now everything is ok (i hope)..

The other day,
my brother told me my hair is long already..
Finally someone tells me that my hair is long
before i started complain to myself..
I've decided (for a millionth time)
that i wont cut my hair for at least 1/2 a year..
Do you think i will be able to suceed?

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


i'm getting more excited..
cant wait cant wait cant wait..
Hope i can finish packing all my stuff tonight..

i finally managed to get the ingrown nail out..
I'm normal now!!!
Don't have to worry about ppl stepping on my toe..
the nail was at least 2mm buried in my toe..
No blood but now there's a hole in my toe..
At least it doesnt hurt anymore..

2 of my hamsters die again..
Now there's only 6hamsters left..
Don't even know whats wrong with the hamster..

I still haven't eaten any bagua yet..
My aunt says that she bought it already..
I wanted to buy the other day..
But i forgot..

Cant wait to go back hometown..
Cant wait..
Cant wait..
Cant wait..
Cant wait..
I wanna eat eat eat..
Getting hungry just thinking about those delicious food..

C2pid boss stil hvn gimme bonus..
Everyone is telling me if no bonus quit..
But even if there is,
i will still quit..
Now even my mrs boss is going crazy..
Last week i've given the quotation to her,
(i spelled quotation as quitation, is this a sign?)
and yet she said no,
then asked me to find..
In the end, the quotation is with her..
Today she asked me to look for an invoice,
told her i gave it to her and again she said no..
Tried looking for it all over the place
then tell her its not with us..
Again, the invoice is with her..
Myb its the time of the month?

Monday, 8 February 2010

Went to 1u yesterday..
My shopping is finally complete..
I got myself socks..
3pairs of socks,
2pair of boxers,
1singlet for my dad..
Yesterday I realised B.U.M is actually quite cheap..
And better than Body Glove..

I finally watched Tiger Woohoo..
Was so funny..
Very seriously touching..
And yea i cried..
If you haven't watched,
faster go watch..
I'd watch it again..
10th is the last day it would be on cinemas..
But the GSC in MidValley will continue to show it..
The movie was awesome,
but the fucker sitting behind me is not..
Blardee biatch keeps on kicking my chair..

i watched The Spy Next Door..
Wasn't disappointed la..
But i feel his previous movies are better
and he should stick to making chinese movies..
I feel like fainting when i hear Jackie Chan speak english..
The movie was just ok..

Chili's in 1u
sucks big time..
I ordered grilled chicken (forgot the name)
and they serve me with half charred chicken..
and the lamb shoulder was also burnt..
It's like they were trying to
make us get cancer or something..

I finally found out how to spell my cousin's name..
Its Reeyanna..
I thought it was Rianna or sumtin..
She's freaking cute..
She and her sis both look like the cuter version of Dora..
Dora the Explorer..
They're both really obedient..
If you ask them if they want anything,
their answer will always be
"ask mama first"
Even if you force or threated them
the answer will be the same..
Rowena is quiet.. (like my sis la..)
Whereas Reeyanna,
is mischiveous and hyper active.. (like me)

Today is Monday..

Friday, 5 February 2010

I'm wet~

3times today..
My whole shirt was wet from sweating..
(i spelled shirt as shit =.=")
Become kuli wei..
Even thou i like to swt (depending on condition)..
But i hate to swt in office,
as my shirt will get wet and
the acond is on so i will get sick..
I don't wanna get sick...
Coz cny is in 9 days..
And i will be going back in 6 days..
Go home and pack bags..
I should clean my room first..
In case my relatives comes for a surprise visit..
Kinda worried for them if they stayed in my room..

Which reminds me i haven't take leave yet..
Mrs boss gave me and my colleague one box of oranges each..
And i'm starting to get headache coz
i'm sitting in a 16degree room with a wet shirt..

Thursday, 4 February 2010


Eh, i want lollipop..

I cant wait for my Uncle Henry
to come over again with his daughters..
So damn cute..
Damn easy to cheat..
How i wish she doesn't grow up and stay that way..
so adorable..
Anyone wants me to be their kids godma?
I'm really good with kids..
*puppy eyes*

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


I realise that i have alot of weird habits..
Which i don't remember when i try to..
Yesterday i went to get groceries (junk),
i was so excited (the way a 20year old shouldn't be)
when i saw Nyam Nyam..
But the one i wanted wasn't available..
NiNi wasn't available..
Rocky wasn't available too..
I feel happier when i'm full..
Ice cream :)
Chocolate (:
Coco Crunch :)
Honey star (:
Cartoon XD
I feel so happy when i was eating NyamNyam last night..
Had a stupid grin on my face..
How i wish i can be a kid foreverrrrrrr..
Too bad that ain't happening..
I'll be an adult next year..

Today 30boxes of mandarin oranges reached my office..
Me and my colleague had to open every single box,
to check if there's any rotten ones..
There was..
Alot of them..
The rotten one were almost one box full..
And the two guy (not local) were
using expensive phones..
N87 and IPhone..
I was so tempted to ask them if
there are any vacancy available at their work place..

Next thurs will be leaving for Kedah..
So excited..
My friend in Perak warned me,
said that i must msg her and ask her out to yumcha..
But i still don't know if i have time to go meet her yet..

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


The whole day damn busy..
finally i get to rest..
Yesterday was even busier..
My colleague was on leave
and i had to work alone..
There was loads of stuff to be done..
I didn't have time to get lunch
or even time to pee..

Saturday night went to work part time
for an event at KL Live..
Was supposed to reach there at 530pm..
Went with my sibling,Leon + Doreen..
Do waitressing..
Was kinda fun even thou tiring..
Dj Darren was awesome as hell..
Dj Ngelik was hot as hell..
Saw quite a few obscene things there..
If i were to do an event,
i might choose there..
The place is kinda nice..
I liked it whereas my sis hated it..
All 4 of us enjoyed (i think)..
Some of the people have no self respect at all..
Lazy to mention..
But i was flashed so many times that night..
I sound like damn sakai..
Anyways the manager said me and anna did a good job..
Her exact words?
"You girls did a fucking good job"
Sure la..
After finished work, we went to mamak..
Reached home at about 5++
Then slept at 6..
Mom woke us up at about 1pm to help her make
this kuih..

Its called kuih ros in malay..
Which i think it does not look like a rose at all..
I was dead tired,
and my muscles was paining the whole day..
But i was born to cook/bake/fry..
Coz the ones i made looks so damn pretty..
(like me)
The ones my sis made was hideous..
(like her)
And monday night my parents asked me
to help move a furniture..
From 2nd floor in a flat..
There was no elevator..
We had to carry it down..
The fridge was damn slippery & fkin heavy..
So now,
not only both hand muscles are hurting..
My leg muscles hurt as well..

Pasar malam on thurs..
Who's on?