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Tuesday, 9 February 2010


i'm getting more excited..
cant wait cant wait cant wait..
Hope i can finish packing all my stuff tonight..

i finally managed to get the ingrown nail out..
I'm normal now!!!
Don't have to worry about ppl stepping on my toe..
the nail was at least 2mm buried in my toe..
No blood but now there's a hole in my toe..
At least it doesnt hurt anymore..

2 of my hamsters die again..
Now there's only 6hamsters left..
Don't even know whats wrong with the hamster..

I still haven't eaten any bagua yet..
My aunt says that she bought it already..
I wanted to buy the other day..
But i forgot..

Cant wait to go back hometown..
Cant wait..
Cant wait..
Cant wait..
Cant wait..
I wanna eat eat eat..
Getting hungry just thinking about those delicious food..

C2pid boss stil hvn gimme bonus..
Everyone is telling me if no bonus quit..
But even if there is,
i will still quit..
Now even my mrs boss is going crazy..
Last week i've given the quotation to her,
(i spelled quotation as quitation, is this a sign?)
and yet she said no,
then asked me to find..
In the end, the quotation is with her..
Today she asked me to look for an invoice,
told her i gave it to her and again she said no..
Tried looking for it all over the place
then tell her its not with us..
Again, the invoice is with her..
Myb its the time of the month?

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