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Thursday, 25 February 2010


Went to see the doc yesterday..
Took Mc then went back home..
Took my meds, then watched Cirque Du Freak..
Wasn't as nice as i expected it to be..
Then went to sleep..
For the first time i ate my
cough syrup in under 5mins..
normally i would just stare at it
and force myself to swallow it after 30mins..
Now is the part where i scream
"ah ma, ngo dai gor lui zho ah"
I feel like being a kid but
i wanna be a grown up at the same time..

And my damn colleague keeps asking me
to make phone calls..
Even though her english + malay + chinese sucks
but that doesn't mean she's allowed to keep asking me
to make phone calls for her..

Did i mention that all my hamsters died?
Bring back to Kedah weather too hot all died..
Born there die there..
Less than half a year i think..
But i planning to buy another hamster..
Syrian hamster..
Cuter + tamer than the one i used to have..
Obviously my mom is objecting..
But there's nothing she can do about it
since its my own money..
But i also want a fish..
But i think hamster is alot better than fish..
Coz i can play with it..

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