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Thursday, 11 February 2010


Today made a bet with EmilyT
(my future cousin sis-in-law)..
If i can stand not cutting my hair for half a year
she will buy me 5 Chupa Chups..
And if i cant do so i will have to buy her
Bueno White..
Kinda childish right..
But the bet is on..
The longest i didnt cut my hair was 4monhts..
Due date is 11Aug2010..

my bro bought me a T-Shirt..
Its from Bossini..
You see even though we always fight
like crazy..
and even throw stuff,
but we will be ok again..
Buy stuff for one another and taking
each other out for meal..
But the thing is my dad dont understand..
Every siblings in this world fights..
Even he will quarrel with his sisters
and they're all over 40..

i'm going back to Kedah..
Getting more excited..
Don't miss me ya..
Will be gone for the next whole week...

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