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Monday, 22 February 2010

BACK (not in black)

to work..
not too happy about it..
Cz had been off since last fri..
I reached Kedah on Fri morning about 4am?
After bathing and all,
went to sleep..
Parents woke up at 8?
Mom went to pasar with aunt
while my dad went to clean my grandad's house..
After my mom came back,
we started cleaning,cutting,chopping the veggies + meat..
Then later that day we started cooking til late nite..
Then i dont reli remember other stuff..
All i remember that i did there was help to cut + wash,
eat, play, play, eat, colour some colouring book,
play with plastiscine, eat, play, eat, play..
Went to arcade to play with my bro + 4 other cousin..
And one of the night me,bro+Jacob (cousin)
was trying to act lala and took pics there was also emo
and pondan pics..
Funny as hell..
And i also got sick during the 3rd day i think..
Fever + flu + cough + sore throat + nose bleed..
Jessica my cousin is so damn cute..
She keeps asking us to stay longer..
And keeps asking me to take her to arcade,
buy Jojo for her and stuff like that..
And the best part of all is,
i was running around the whole kampung in my boxers only..
I only went back to Perak for one day..
Reached there on thurs night and left on Fri night..
That side of my family is less warm i guess..
i found out my cousin plays volleyball
and that she has facebook..

Yesterday went to Karmen' house
for a small gathering / open house..
It was fun..
Been a long time since we hung out..
Talked alot, laughed alot..
Waiting for the next gathering..
And my nose bleed wth..
Play gamt til too excited
+ all wear too sexy (yeah rite used to it d)..
i've seen worse lo ok.

This Cny is mostly filled with unhappy stuff cz of some people..
I will never understand why some people
just love to tell lies and backstab and create stories
to hurt other people..
Please use your brain to think..
And use your heart to feel..
Be rational..
Dont listen to one side..
You've never lived with that person you will
never know who that person reli is..
You've never been accused by that person
you wont know how it feels..
I know how it feels..
i treat them like how a family should treat each other,
and yet what did she do?
She created stories and tell lies to everyone..
And her kids?
Expert at lying and stealing..
Now i still treat her with respect,
treat her kids like how i treat everyone else..
And they're still telling lies and spinning stories
accusing other people..
Given her chances after chances
and she still repeats the same thing over again..
Cny is supposed to be the time for everyone to get together,
but she made everyone split up..
And some fools actually believed what she said..
Seriously wonder where they kept their brain..
If u have anything in your mind then speak it out..
If you believe that we are the kind of people that
live on other people's support, if you believe we are those
who look down on the poor and boot lick those who are rich,
if you believe that we are hypocrites,
if you believe that we are what she say we are,
then i have nothing to say..

p/s - emilyt thinks i am a Tb pimp

p/p/s - i bought Tiger Wohoo Dvd..

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