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Wednesday, 10 February 2010


I'm was damn sleepy..
All bcoz the radio some stupid slow song..
Didn't even realise what song it was
until i started yawning..
It was a song from Hins..
After listening to that song i kept yawning
like there was no tomorrow..
I went and fax a quotation,
then called up to see if they received it..
Insted of asking "Did you receive my fax?"
i said "Did you receive my cheque"..
i laughed, the girl on the phone laughed,
my colleague laughed and ask me
"you have so many cheque to give them?"

I seriously hate the new facebook layout..
Its like facebook is getting tired of
people using their service
and is trying to make us hate facebook
so that we wont use it..

I finished packing my bag!!
Its like i dump every piece of clothes i have in the bag..
And i'm bringing 3pairs of shoes back..
No more dilemma..
I'm leaving tomorrow..
Cant wait to go back..
Even though this year there was a lil turn off
but now everything is ok (i hope)..

The other day,
my brother told me my hair is long already..
Finally someone tells me that my hair is long
before i started complain to myself..
I've decided (for a millionth time)
that i wont cut my hair for at least 1/2 a year..
Do you think i will be able to suceed?

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