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Wednesday, 3 February 2010


I realise that i have alot of weird habits..
Which i don't remember when i try to..
Yesterday i went to get groceries (junk),
i was so excited (the way a 20year old shouldn't be)
when i saw Nyam Nyam..
But the one i wanted wasn't available..
NiNi wasn't available..
Rocky wasn't available too..
I feel happier when i'm full..
Ice cream :)
Chocolate (:
Coco Crunch :)
Honey star (:
Cartoon XD
I feel so happy when i was eating NyamNyam last night..
Had a stupid grin on my face..
How i wish i can be a kid foreverrrrrrr..
Too bad that ain't happening..
I'll be an adult next year..

Today 30boxes of mandarin oranges reached my office..
Me and my colleague had to open every single box,
to check if there's any rotten ones..
There was..
Alot of them..
The rotten one were almost one box full..
And the two guy (not local) were
using expensive phones..
N87 and IPhone..
I was so tempted to ask them if
there are any vacancy available at their work place..

Next thurs will be leaving for Kedah..
So excited..
My friend in Perak warned me,
said that i must msg her and ask her out to yumcha..
But i still don't know if i have time to go meet her yet..

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