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Friday, 5 February 2010

I'm wet~

3times today..
My whole shirt was wet from sweating..
(i spelled shirt as shit =.=")
Become kuli wei..
Even thou i like to swt (depending on condition)..
But i hate to swt in office,
as my shirt will get wet and
the acond is on so i will get sick..
I don't wanna get sick...
Coz cny is in 9 days..
And i will be going back in 6 days..
Go home and pack bags..
I should clean my room first..
In case my relatives comes for a surprise visit..
Kinda worried for them if they stayed in my room..

Which reminds me i haven't take leave yet..
Mrs boss gave me and my colleague one box of oranges each..
And i'm starting to get headache coz
i'm sitting in a 16degree room with a wet shirt..

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