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Tuesday, 2 February 2010


The whole day damn busy..
finally i get to rest..
Yesterday was even busier..
My colleague was on leave
and i had to work alone..
There was loads of stuff to be done..
I didn't have time to get lunch
or even time to pee..

Saturday night went to work part time
for an event at KL Live..
Was supposed to reach there at 530pm..
Went with my sibling,Leon + Doreen..
Do waitressing..
Was kinda fun even thou tiring..
Dj Darren was awesome as hell..
Dj Ngelik was hot as hell..
Saw quite a few obscene things there..
If i were to do an event,
i might choose there..
The place is kinda nice..
I liked it whereas my sis hated it..
All 4 of us enjoyed (i think)..
Some of the people have no self respect at all..
Lazy to mention..
But i was flashed so many times that night..
I sound like damn sakai..
Anyways the manager said me and anna did a good job..
Her exact words?
"You girls did a fucking good job"
Sure la..
After finished work, we went to mamak..
Reached home at about 5++
Then slept at 6..
Mom woke us up at about 1pm to help her make
this kuih..

Its called kuih ros in malay..
Which i think it does not look like a rose at all..
I was dead tired,
and my muscles was paining the whole day..
But i was born to cook/bake/fry..
Coz the ones i made looks so damn pretty..
(like me)
The ones my sis made was hideous..
(like her)
And monday night my parents asked me
to help move a furniture..
From 2nd floor in a flat..
There was no elevator..
We had to carry it down..
The fridge was damn slippery & fkin heavy..
So now,
not only both hand muscles are hurting..
My leg muscles hurt as well..

Pasar malam on thurs..
Who's on?

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