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Monday, 8 February 2010

Went to 1u yesterday..
My shopping is finally complete..
I got myself socks..
3pairs of socks,
2pair of boxers,
1singlet for my dad..
Yesterday I realised B.U.M is actually quite cheap..
And better than Body Glove..

I finally watched Tiger Woohoo..
Was so funny..
Very seriously touching..
And yea i cried..
If you haven't watched,
faster go watch..
I'd watch it again..
10th is the last day it would be on cinemas..
But the GSC in MidValley will continue to show it..
The movie was awesome,
but the fucker sitting behind me is not..
Blardee biatch keeps on kicking my chair..

i watched The Spy Next Door..
Wasn't disappointed la..
But i feel his previous movies are better
and he should stick to making chinese movies..
I feel like fainting when i hear Jackie Chan speak english..
The movie was just ok..

Chili's in 1u
sucks big time..
I ordered grilled chicken (forgot the name)
and they serve me with half charred chicken..
and the lamb shoulder was also burnt..
It's like they were trying to
make us get cancer or something..

I finally found out how to spell my cousin's name..
Its Reeyanna..
I thought it was Rianna or sumtin..
She's freaking cute..
She and her sis both look like the cuter version of Dora..
Dora the Explorer..
They're both really obedient..
If you ask them if they want anything,
their answer will always be
"ask mama first"
Even if you force or threated them
the answer will be the same..
Rowena is quiet.. (like my sis la..)
Whereas Reeyanna,
is mischiveous and hyper active.. (like me)

Today is Monday..

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