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Wednesday, 17 March 2010


I wonder why some people are so stupid..
They walk in my shop and asks,
"Do you sell air-cond here?"
I feel like answering to them,
"Erm, no.. this is a cake shop..
We only sell cake here"
My boss would kill me if i said that..

Remember the bet?
My hair is getting longer as i type..
(yea damn kua ceong LOL)
Yesterday i took a pic of my back..
(after i found out the function of self-timer on the phone)
And i realised that my hair is really really really long..
So, yea i'm so so so tempted to cut my hair..

This is for Mandy..

On monday i went for dinner with Mandy @ Ss2..
And i went to KTZ to buy desserts for my family..
Then, i passed buy this shop..
I heard the durian pancake is nice..
So i bought 5..
Its Rm4 per piece..
So i spent about 30++ for dessert..
When i took a bite out of it..
Seriously damn damn damn nice..
I heart durian pancake..
(sounds so bimbotic)
And yesterday, we went for dinner @ Ss2 again..
Just so we can go eat the dessert..
And and and........
i ordered the banana split..
*drools again*
Oh how much i love ice cream..
ice cream ice cream i love you~
(overdose of sugar liao)

If i'm unhappy,
just gimme ice cream..
My friend only need chocolate or lolipop..
And the other one,
she needs to watch Spongebob Squarepants..
She's so weird..
But at least i know what to do when she's upset..

I really hate it when they play reli sad songs on the radio..
It makes me emo..
And unhappy..
And moody..
And upset..
And sad..

You can't tell the sky to stop being blue..
You can't throw a stone in the ocean and tell it not to sink..
Its like telling my heart to stop being in love with you..

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