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Monday, 15 March 2010


I actually wanted to rant about unhappy stuff that happened last week..
But nevermind, i'd rather talk about S.H.E..
Yesterday went to 1u..
Coz i was damn bored at home and
i wanted to preorder S.H.E's latest album
which would be coming out on 26th March..
So, yea i paid for it already..
And my mom nagged / scolded me for "wasting" money..
Who cares?
It's only Rm40 ok..
Damn worth it lor..
But i have to wait two more weeks before i can
get my hands on it..
And my mom is so damn biased lor ok..
I buy S.H.E's album for Rm40 i kena..
But my sis bought the STUPID SS501 album
didn't kena..
And this is like the second or third one she bought in less than 2months..
2weeks is such a looooonnggggg wait..

the other day (last thurs)..
Mandy,Jaslyn + Jackie came over to my house
after i kena diao from my parents for going out..
At first Jas + Mandy came..
Then we started playing wit "Pop Pop"
In case you don't know what is that
please click on the link, Tq..
But the new one is was louder coz its made of plastic..
Anyways, we were chasing each other
and running outside my house like we're 5 or something
while we would be like 60years old if added up our age..
After finishing 7boxes we're stil not satisfied..
So Jas + Mandy went to pasar mlm to scout for more..
So they went and bought some food + drinks too..
And come back with only 5box i think..
Then Jackie came,
and complained that we didnt buy for her..
we started throwing pop pop at each other again..
And my sis stil had 3box so i took it..
At first Jackie said we were childish..
But in the end she joined us too...
85years old..
And we laughed sooooo much..
I choked on my own laughter wth
and laughed til i cant breathe..
And Jaslyn too..
It was really fun..
I totally forgot about the emo stuff that was bothering me..
I love my friends..
Aih.. Sounds so gay..
But my friends can really lift my mood up a few notch..
And my family will never understand that
i go pasar mlm not bcoz i wana walk or buy stuff..
Its bcoz i dont wanna stay home,
i wanna spend time and enjoy with my friends..
Not wait till i'm old and dying
or until something happens only wanna regret..

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