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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

gatal macam monyet

No more beer for me...( yea right)
One bottle and my whole turned red..
And when i woke up this morning
my hands and legs are red and itches..
But its better than last time..
I think there's something wrong with me..
If i drink one bottle i will itch and all..
But if i drink more i wont..
And if i drink too much it will itch..
Something wrong..
i almost died last night thanks to Jaslyn Khew..
I'm still coughing now..
So if i laugh too much i will choke..
So yea..
She cause me to laugh, choke and cough non stop..

Was talking to Emily The Strange..
Then we both discover that we have
mild Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)..
Even though my room is a bit messy..
Unbelievable right..
if you wanna know the examples
please ask me in msn, tq..

This morning i left home kinda rush..
Coz my parents had to work and i had to
go to work myself..
So i only ate Maggi Cup..
After i left the house for about 5mins only i realised
that i didn't comb/was/style my hair..
No big deal?
But every morning once i wake up
i love to mess my hair up after i wake up..
But its ok..
I still look awesome..

p/s : my doc sucks..
yesterday when i reached home i was coughing
but not very serious..
So i ate my cough syrup..
But after i ate, i cough like siao..
Next time don't waste money to see doc..

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