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Monday, 8 March 2010


Yesterday i watched
"All's Well Ends Well 2010"
with Mandy + my sis..
It was funny as hell..
I laughed the loudest in the whole cinema..
I'd watch it again..

i hate chinese newspaper..
Just one small thing they make it
like as if the world gonna end..
Fuck off la..
Cb lang..

And today i emo..
until i heard S.H.E's new song
which is soooo damn freaking nice..
After the song is over i emo again..


SaeWei said...

Have you guys watch 72 Tenants Of Properity?? It's even better and funnier than Fa Tin Hei Si.. That's what I think la.. kekeke

$@M said...

wanted to watch but no tix..
so might be getting the dvd so my mom can watch it too..