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Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Some of the hair product's that
i'm using / own..
My fave is the red Gatsby and the purple one..

This is my hair a week after i cut it..
And yes i do wear pink shirt..
My one and only pink item..

And these are the more recent..
About a week ago..

My hair is seriously freaking long now..
And the first thing Joyce said after i told her about the bet?
"OMG sure like grass"
I actually hate people commenting on my hair..
Unless of course, if you're going to say its nice..
Wait till i reli cant take it then only i will cut my hair..

i've been having alot of mixed feeling..
And luckily i have my friends & The Strange to un-emo-fy me..
Too bad i'm still kinda emo..
I have gone out alot for the past few weeks..
Until my dad is starting to get pissed..
I seriously wonder why is he being such a sexist..
My brother can go out almost every single day
and comes back when it's almost 12am..
But whenever i go out,
him,my mom, and my sis
will start calling after 10.30..
NOT 2 OK!!
I fucking hate it ok..
I CAN take care of myself..
Just because he's a guy he can take care of himself better?
Or is it because i'm a girl,
therefore i am weak and cannot take care of myself?
It's not like i'm going to somewhere far
far away with all male friends..
I seriously don't understand WHY
do they have to be so over protective..
Maybe my parents just hate me
and doesn't want me to go out and
"menjatuhkan their maruah"..
Sometimes i really feel like my parents are biased towards me..
When i bought newspaper because
there's a report on S.H.E on it my dad would start,
saying that i'm obsessed and shit stuff like that..
But when my sister buys magazine,
dvd,vcd and Cd of the stupid korean band
he doesn't mention ANYTHING!
When i complain about that all he said was
"you're both the same"
WTF?! #$$%*&*&^#$*&$%*$#&*#$&!!!!!
Just admit that you hate me
and nothing i do will never make you happy
or proud of me..

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